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A uk192 solution can be the tool that allows you to easily and quickly update your website. Our Content Management Solution gives clients complete control of their own content. With the use of eCommerce functionality included, clients can administer all content through an easy-to-use web-based interface. Site updating is simply a case of making changes, and submitting them with the click of a button. If you require any major changes we are always available to help.

What is Content Management?
Our Content Management Solution is a password-protected administration webpage that allows you, the client, to update and add content to your website instantly. If you are an information-based website you can add news, information and images. If your site is ecommerce-based you can add new products or edit the pricing or descriptions of existing products.

Comprehensive Administration Interface
Our eCommerce solution package also includes a comprehensive, web-based administration interface. This administrative interface would allow you the opportunity to handle much of the site maintenance, thus minimizing ongoing expenses for the website. Using this interface, you can add, modify and remove categories, indexes, subcategories, manufacturers, products and customers. The bulk email marketing tool is completely integrated and is capable of both text and HTML emails.

Website Traffic Statistics
A standard feature of the client administration is the Traffic Statistics and Reports page,
enabling you to evaluate the effectiveness of pages within your website and track where visitors are coming from.

We've set up online businesses selling a huge variety of products and services from antiques to art, football jumpers to flowers, training courses to teddy bears, model cars to car parts… plus plenty more including restricted access 'Members Only' services. Our clients have different sized enterprises at different stages of life. Some are new and emerging, others well established. Some have large budgets, whilst others operate with more of a 'shoe-string' approach. We're flexible - and we'll help you work out what needs to be done to build your online business with what ever resources you have available. Our team invests heavily to stay on top of new developments in technology, but you'll be pleased to know we are customer-focussed rather than just technology-focused. We'll make sure your online business is customer-focused too!

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