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Canadian ice hockey officially entered the white hot season

By • Oct 29th, 2016 • Category: Hockey Jerseys Canada

good Canadian ice hockey Just at the Anaheim encounter 1:6 big score lost officially entered the Raiders nonstop to Losangeles, to challenge recent state regurg Losangeles kings, the twice in the backward situation, the king’s tenacious equaliser twice. Complete lore by Carter in the final overtime, helping the team to […]

Canadian ice hockey game rules

By • Oct 26th, 2016 • Category: NHL Jerseys Online

In the game each team plays the six people, the vanguard three people, the guard two people, the goalkeeper one person. The competition is divided into 3 sections, each section is 20 minutes. Athletes with ice shot hit the ball into the opponent’s goal, to win more. The hockey game […]

How are the Canadian hockey players equipped?

By • Oct 25th, 2016 • Category: NHL Jerseys News

From the perspective of sports equipment, ice hockey has its particularity: players can only fight armed and unarmed, will not hurt the torso; skates limit the players’ movements of the legs, in addition to boxing, other players it is difficult to play “Wu Yi”, it is easy to fall down, […]

wholesale hockey jerseys green bay packers blanket canada factory

By • Oct 23rd, 2016 • Category: Hockey Jerseys Canada

When I was seventeen, I wholesale hockey jerseys met him. I  green bay packers blanket canada factory work in a school run factory at that time, the factory sent me to Qu preventorium learning laboratory. Because of the epidemic prevention station is far from the factory, so I solve the […]

news to nhl father jersey china supply

By • Oct 22nd, 2016 • Category: NHL Jerseys Online

Said the father, in fact, news to nhl father jersey love more than jersey china supply subtle mountains of calm, be like water, soft and delicate. Father’s love like a mother’s love as the most incisive, tenderness overflowing, can feel in a cordial and affectionate touch call. Father’s love like […]