2018 NHL China tournament countdown

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NHL China tournament countdown 4 days, flame to light up, target run in team

The 2018 NHL China Tournament will take the lead in Shenzhen on Saturday, and Bill Peters, the new coach of the Calgary Flame, is looking forward to taking advantage of the chance to compete in the 2018 Aurigin NHL China Tournament to gain an additional competitive advantage before the start of the new season.

Peters, who has coached Hurricane Carolina for the past four seasons, was hired by the Flames as the 19th coach in team history in April. He hopes that the team’s games and journey in China will play an important role in the integration of his new team. “It’s important for our coaching team. We’re not a team of 70 players and three teams, but a group of 26 players, five offensive lines, four defensive teams and three goalkeepers. We know what we need to do in the matches between Shenzhen and Beijing.

“We’re all excited to go to China because we’re going to be a smaller and closer team and we’re going to spend some time together. When we fly over, we practice four times, play two games, taxi before a race, we play an afternoon race in Shenzhen, visit the Great Wall, and fly home. It sounds good. Let’s go. Let’s start. I’m ready. ”

After losing the Stanley Cup playoffs last season, the Flames traded strikers Elias Lindholm and defender Noah Hanifen cheap jerseys for Hurricane on June 23. They also made frequent appearances in the free market, signing James Neal, Derek Ryan and Austin Kzanik. The two games will be the first opportunity for the core team to test their chemical reactions.

“I can’t remember the last time I was able to keep all the players from the start of training camp and we could travel together and spend a week outside as a team,” captain Mark Giordano said. “We have to take advantage of that. We need the team cohesion to motivate them and bring them to the ice hockey court. It will be a great experience, and we will explore a place where we have basically never stepped in. That’s what we say, but when we get there, we can’t be distracted. We’re still in training camp and we still need to adjust to prepare for the new season and finish these pre-season games and get back to feeling.

Lindholm, who made 81 appearances for the Hurricane team last season, scored 16 goals and sent 28 assists with 44 points, said the trip was a good opportunity for him to get to know his new teammates. “It’s a good chance to meet people and when I’m traded, I don’t know the majority of the team so I’m going to face some new faces. nhl jerseys china This opportunity is very good for the team and is even better for me. You can meet your teammates and have dinner together and go out.

Sean Monahan, the flame number one center who scored 31 goals last season, agreed with him: “Our team has some new faces in it. I think the best day of the hockey season is on the road. You spend most of the day with your teammates, flying, playing cards and getting to know each other. It is at these times that it is necessary to establish a close relationship with them. It’s very meaningful to start the season in this way. We’re going to fly for 15 hours and I think you’ll know a lot about each other in that time. I think it will be a good time, and I am looking forward to it. ”

Monahan also said being able to train with a balanced roster and play two pre-season games would put the Flames on track at the start of the season. “A lot of training camps are three teams, training with a bunch of young people who want to join (AHL, NHL affiliate league) and a bunch of selection players. It’s a good thing to bring together the whole team, especially considering our current situation. ”

“We have a new team of coaches, many new faces, and we will try a lot of new systems. It’s very profitable for the team to get to know the new systems and players quickly with the Chinese game.

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