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On the importance of assistant coach to NHL team jerseys

By • Jul 31st, 2018 • Category: Hockey Jerseys Canada

They are equally important, on the importance of assistant coaches to the team. When the fans keep on paying attention to the hockey game and news, they often ignore the key factor of the other team, that is, the assistant coach of the team. “Well, Greg Paplinsky was hired by […]

Ducks launch 25th anniversary commemorative nhl jerseys

By • Jul 23rd, 2018 • Category: NHL Jerseys Online

Duckling launches 25th anniversary commemorative jersey for special season The upcoming 2018-19 season of the Tencent sports news will be the twenty-fifth season since Anaheim Ducks have been built. How should we celebrate the 25th anniversary anniversary of the team’s history? Looking back at the club is short but there […]

End the monopoly and create the history of ice hockey

By • Jul 21st, 2018 • Category: NHL Jerseys News

Thirteen years waiting for Ovici Kim to finally realize his dream, he ended monopoly and created ice hockey history. Beijing time July 19th, 2018 ESPY awards ceremony was held in Losangeles. Alexander o Vic, capital of Washington, has won the Stanley cup and the playoffs MVP, and at this year’s […]

Washington’s NHL Championship dream

By • Jul 7th, 2018 • Category: Hockey Jerseys Canada

The NHL champion, Washington, D.C., has been waiting for 26 years Metro Company’s theme card for auxie hair The capital of Washington, D. C., built the team in 1974 and entered the NHL finals for the first time in the 1997-1998 season. 20 years later, they went to the Finals […]