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NHL team will add player helmet jerseys ads in the new season

By • Dec 29th, 2020 • Category: Hockey Jerseys Canada

NHL’s teams will gradually increase helmet jerseys ads from next season to make up for the economic losses caused by the new crown epidemic. NHL’s new season will start in January next year. Although the home away system has been restored, most of the games can only be played empty […]

NHL will start the new season on January 13

By • Dec 23rd, 2020 • Category: NHL Jerseys Online

NHL will start the new season on January 13, reaching an agreement with nhlpa on 56 games. The regular season will end on May 8, and 16 teams will participate in the playoffs. The NHL and the NHL players’ union reached an agreement on Sunday to start 56 regular season […]

What to do if the NHL Hockey League lacks money?

By • Dec 16th, 2020 • Category: NHL Jerseys News

The commercialization of professional leagues may gradually change the concept of North American fans. On December 14, U.S. time, sportspro quoted Canadian media reports as saying that NHL was studying the use of players’ helmets as advertising space for rent. According to reports, the NHL alliance Council raised the idea […]

Big brands set off a retro nhl jerseys trend

By • Dec 11th, 2020 • Category: Hockey Jerseys Canada

What are the commercial considerations behind the big brands’ retro jerseys? Lori wore the “T-Rex” shirt of Carter’s time to crown the Raptors’ historical assists, Ross wore Garnett’s Timberwolves’ jersey to win 50 points, and the warriors No.5 finished their last regular season at Oracle stadium with a black eight […]