About company

Design, development, production and management company mainly engaged in all kinds of NHL Jersey, as the Canadian Hockey League National Hockey League long-term designated partners, production and operation of its various NHL products: NHL Jersey, ice hockey, the product production and sales for many years among the best in the same industry in canada,

Company customers covering Canada, China all over the country. In order to enable the company to get faster development, the company in recent years with the United States, South Korea established a cooperative relationship between the United States and South korea.

The company has obtained the relevant certificates, the Canadian Ministry of health and China Quality Supervision Bureau approval, company’s existing multiple NHL products formally put into production, and establish a stable customer base.

Company for the Chinese NHL Association, the World Sports Federation of Canada branch executive director of the Shanghai Association, and through the ISO9001 management system certification.

Companies adhering to the “quality determines the success or failure, quality and create the future” concept, to provide users with excellent products and quality service.

Let us hand in hand, create success.