American lad’s dream of overseas ice hockey

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For make light of travelling a thousand li on behalf of South Korea

And the negative news of Pingchang Olympic Games, South Korea ice hockey in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, with the long-term progress. The successful naturalization of a number of North American players, into the leading group, and the smooth entry into the local Winter Olympics. Considering the strength of the Olympics, South Korea men’s ice hockey a success. Woman, just announced and the Korean team in the Winter Olympics, this is undoubtedly a great boost to ease the situation on the peninsula.

Today, we come into the heart of Mike Testved, a former American hockey player, and understand why he chose to compete for the Winter Olympic Games for the South Korean team.

Through his changes, it may provide a reference for the planning of the Chinese ice hockey team jerseys.

An unpleasant career

Mike Testved, 31, was born in Colorado, America. In 2013, he was still at the age of 26 in the low – level ice hockey league. 3 years ago he had just signed a junior career contract with the Philadelphia flyers. Although Paul Holmgren, the manager of the flying team, spoke highly of him, he even told the media that he could play the role of a striker. But he still didn’t get the chance. In desperation, he joined the American Hockey League (AHL) and the Adirondack ghost team, spent three seasons there. Every offseason, he can not see up the chance of NHL. The American dream is getting farther and farther. Then he was traded in the Calgary flame in February 2013.

NHL’s coaches rated him: “215 pounds of weight, and 6.3 feet of height, this body can only play AHL, at NHL he can’t afford it.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t feel the joy of the hockey in the United States. I was a small part. I had given up the idea of getting up to NHL. Ice hockey never made me feel depressed.

In the ruthless reality, Teste Wade intends to play in the European League. Austria, Germany, and the Swedish League all threw out olive branches to him.

At this point, a friend’s advice changed his life. You can also go to the Asiatic Hockey League!

Newly arrived

“When I first came to Korea, I found that the local ice hockey atmosphere was almost no, and I could not even buy the hockey ball. But after communicating with the local players, I found that they were more easy to get along with than I had imagined. They were also very enthusiastic about their hockey team nhl jerseys. That’s great. ”

In 2013, when it came to Korea, there were too many unaccustomed things. Although the team Anyang Halla is very close to Seoul, South Korea. Facing the bustling streets of Seoul, the billboards on the streets, and the skyscrapers and completely unfamiliar words. I’m all at a loss. Where is this? When I arrived in Korea, I got to the apartment directly from the airport. The time difference made me not sleep well.

Later days

But after that, I had a good day in Seoul. Most of my circle of friends are foreign people, including the local American troops in Korea and English teachers. They acted as my translation, helped me pay the charge for the fire, the banking, the groceries, and all the trivia that helped me. I also gradually adapted to the life of Korea.

In 2018, 5 years later, Teste Wade’s hockey career was quite different. He rekindled his passion for the game and enjoyed the fun of the ice hockey. Now, as an Olympian, he is ready to make a appearance in Pingchang. The difference is that the shirt is a Korean flag.

It sounds unbelievable that an American from Colorado, representing a country that has no connection with his growth, takes part in the Olympic Games.

The 2 chance made Teste Wade come to Asia, representing South Korea for the Winter Olympics. And let him fall in love with the ice hockey again. The South Korean government’s attention to the Winter Olympics and the policy of the player’s naturalization can make him stand out. Despite the controversy, however, we would like to wish the American player who had struggled for the NHL dream.

It is believed that many fan friends may not be able to accept a blue eye, and the white – skinned foreign countries appear on the Chinese team. Before the news came in the foot of naturalized players, is also condemning. But considering that hockey is a so far in the domestic air plant movement, in order to ice hockey tomorrow, taking into account the amount of overseas Chinese and Chinese Mestizo players, if they agree to China Chinese culture, the idea of life. We may as well be more free to introduce talents. You can call the South Korean team is a foreign team, but the indisputable fact is: ice hockey has blossomed quietly in South korea.

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