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I don’t remember how An exam can decide my high school life ended. The wholesale nhl jerseys free shipping for sale factory supply last class teacher is how to end, we have no cry; I don’t even remember where I have exams, what strange classmates around sit long, is there any fun or thrilling things……

Finally, a bell rang, all rise, all the papers to the teacher, the feelings of the moment how precious ah, what am I thinking?

I don’t even remember it.

But there are two pictures suddenly jumped out.

The first picture is the last expedition after me with the crowd in the corridor after a classroom, see a lot of the invigilator in sealed volume.

Suddenly heard a cry in front of a door.

A girl almost knelt down, and hold the instructor’s thigh, repeated: “you let me fill it, please, otherwise my life will be over.”

I only pass through this door just a few seconds, but this sentence I always wholesale nhl jerseys remember. When I was younger, crying in front of every missed opportunity and each regret failed, easily identified: I want to.

But I don’t want to laugh at myself and the strange girl. I said, taking over people’s eyes, the entrance is just a small mound in life. But when the mound are close enough, enough to cover all your sight.

Who can blame us? 18 years old, we do not understand life, naturally cheap nhl jerseys from china think it wholesale nhl jerseys factory is particularly easy to die.

I have written a log to record their own exam suddenly had the urge Dutch Act (just think about it, but also a good knife hanging in the kitchen). At the age of 18, I feel like I’m in the lead, but what if I fail the exam? What life depends on a chance to decide the fate of such a big test? For what? If the test has been smashed, has been the effort to make sense?

I have been thinking about this problem, until today.

Famous aphorism, philosophy of life, is our observation of the world is wholesale nhl jerseys supply the senior notes, inductive summary of law, describes the probability. Just a probability. Without any words, a test can one hundred percent guarantee your future.

So why do we work? In order to expand the winning point ah.

By holding thighs middle-aged female teacher didn’t scold the girl, did not reveal impatient, just stood quietly, holding good papers, repeat again calmly: “life is not the end.”

I guess, if you remember the same strange girl my age, she would agree.

We have to bypass the small mound, then turned to some of the higher mountain. Successful, will get the right to choose, the more the greater the chance; fail, will harvest a period of experience, grow more compassion, to nourish the life of abundance, and then continue to work hard, the contraction will expand again, finally winning their own life.

You know, make an adult special. We are very calm, we are very free, we have a special choice of the right to have all you want.

So, try hard, confident, and be careful to pass these two days of exams, and wholesale nhl jerseys free shipping then be one of us.

Oh, remember what I said just now is the two picture. The second picture is light. When my college entrance examination has exactly two days of rain, the end of the day or overcast, so I sat in the car, the car up, suddenly saw in front of the. But also the decline of the sun, so shine a ray of light.

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