Behind-the-scenes heroes of the ice hockey jerseys feast

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Disclosure Finals Media People’s Work Life

Every time the competition is held smoothly, the media colleagues are indispensable. They bring the first-hand consultation to the fans on the spot, and timely deliver the information on the spot for the convenience of the fans to refer to. Of course, unlike a winning or losing game, the existence of media groups is an unavailable part of a long series like the Stanley Cup. Today, I want to tell you a story about the media coverage of the Stanley Cup.

The media reporters covering Stanley Cup come from different countries and regions. In order to facilitate management, NHL allows all media to stay in the same hotel. Of course, apart from the special needs of individual media, almost everyone will stay in the arranged hotel. The Hotel specifications are the best in the locality, in order to provide the most comfortable living environment for media colleagues. Environment. This year’s Stanley Cup reports that Boston chose the Hilton Hotel near the airport, while St. Louis chose the Hyatt Arch, the city’s most famous classic hotel, which is not far from the stadium. Of course, even so, for the travel of media staff, the Alliance still arranges buses to take care of the travel time of different journalists, the Alliance arranges buses to depart every half hour.

The finals reported more media workers than ever before, so both halls opened up a new space for everyone to work together. In the location of the office area, the staff of the venue also set up various kinds of tea and drinks to provide the media. Coffee and cola are casual drinks, and delicious desserts are very delicious. In Boston’s TD Garden, when I saw the desserts provided by the staff, I thought at one time that in a cake shop, of course, besides the desserts for tea break, the team would also be responsible for providing meals, and different ball halls would have different meals. Usually the cheap nhl jerseys time for meals is from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., during which you can line up for meals. Boston and St. Louis, the two different regions of the diet culture can be very obvious, although sometimes the same kind of food, but get feedback from both sides is completely different. Chicken, bacon and steak are the main foods for meals. Sometimes, of course, they are accompanied by other staple foods, such as hollow flour, corn cakes and so on. After meals, there are fruits, which are very complete.

Behind-the-scenes heroes of the ice hockey feast

Of course, the league’s catering is not limited to venues. After the first home game of the series, the League will choose a good local bar. Then the League will invite all the media friends involved in the report to have a good drink. During the period, there will be delicious local food, which is a form of self-help. Although you drink it, the League will help you to the end. Although this kind of dinner is a bit entertaining, in fact, the most important intention is to hope that media colleagues from different regions can use this way to establish contact with each other and know more colleagues.

When you’re full, you have to start working. The League usually provides the media staff with the ball-watching position on the top floor. Although it’s far from the ground, it doesn’t affect the effect of watching the ball at all. Looking down at the entire stadium is also very clear. The TV screen overhead will provide the broadcast signal of the game. The missing or requiring replay shots can be solved through this screen. 。 During the game, the stadium staff will also provide detailed team information, including the players’team’s regular match data, playoff data and all the players’ data in each game, as well as the media peer reviews the players’reports and coaches’ interviews during the playoffs. Before, during and after the game, they will designate specific people hockey jerseys china to go to a position in the media. Distribution of each position will help the media colleagues who report the news of the competition.

The League has done more than that for the media. In the transit between the city and the city, they will order tickets to the next station in advance according to the time you provide. This year, the two teams are relatively close to each other. The media peers choose to travel freely. If the two teams are located far from the city, the League will choose charter flights directly. The way to solve the problem of transfer. Throughout the long series of reports, the league has been providing the best service to reduce everyone’s fatigue, and what we need to nhl jerseys do is to put the content in place to serve more fans and friends.

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