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2018 China ice hockey Development Summit successfully boosted the development of ice hockey industry

On the morning of September 20, Beijing time, the 2008 China Hockey Summit Forum sponsored by People’s Sports was held at the National Convention Center, which is one of the parallel forums of the 2018 Winter Expo. Many experts and scholars in the field of ice hockey at home and abroad as well as the heavyweight guests of the ice hockey industry gathered together to discuss the current situation and future trends of the development of China’s ice and snow sports and ice and snow industry, the challenges and opportunities, in order to provide a model of reference for the development of China’s potential huge winter sports market. The development of national ice hockey and industry.

As we all know, ice hockey, as the most ornamental group event in the Winter Olympic Games, has been widely popular in the world. In recent years, with the cordial care of the Party and the state, and with the help of the Dongfeng Winter Olympics 2022, China’s ice hockey industry has ushered in a good opportunity for development, and has also emerged in the field of international competitive ice hockey. At the same time, with the huge number of fans and strong social influence, hockey has developed into a huge and complete industry. Against this background, China’s ice hockey Development Summit came into being.


Yang Dong, deputy director of the Winter Sports Management Center of the State Sports Administration, said in his speech that the Winter Olympic Games had officially entered “Beijing time”, which provided a strategic opportunity for the further development of Chinese ice hockey. Under this important time node, the People’s Sports held a hockey summit forum, bringing together the elite of the hockey industry, sharing views, exchanging experiences, talking freely about development and looking forward to the future from different perspectives and different levels of professional sports, traditional construction, scientific and technological innovation, media publicity and industrial development, to discuss the cause of Chinese hockey. Development plan, together depicting the beautiful blueprint of Chinese ice hockey. It is believed that the successful holding of this forum will further promote the all-round development of China’s ice hockey and contribute to Beijing’s hosting of a splendid and outstanding Winter Olympics to the world.

Zhou Yunjie, chairman of Aurikin Technology Co., Ltd., has analyzed the investment and future development of ice hockey. He said that the current situation facing China’s ice hockey is the coexistence of development opportunities and challenges. The successful bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games is an important advantage for the domestic winter sports, and the progress of ice hockey is even more rapid. According to statistics, in just two years from 2015 to 2017, the number of registered Chinese hockey players jerseys has increased sharply from 2000 to 120,000, with a rapid growth momentum. He also suggested that in order to promote the construction of the local professional ice hockey league, we need to further increase the input of social resources. In this regard, he put forward four suggestions: first, enrich the athletes’training system, promote the flexible development of the system; second, excavate the industrial path of hockey players, build professional clubs and leagues; third, develop the training system scientifically, pay attention to the employment of foreign experienced coaches and training assistants, increase the scientific system Input; four, increase investment in government and social resources.


Ao Meng, president of Kunlun Hongxing Culture and Sports Investment Co., Ltd, explained how professional sports feed the hockey industry from one to the infinite. She introduced how to feed back the ice and snow industry from the professional club level in terms of the development history of the Chinese ice hockey project, the development status of the Chinese ice hockey industry, the general situation of the Kunlun Hongxing Club, the cultural exchange and cooperation between China and foreign countries, and the construction of the youth system.


In other keynote speeches, Daniel King, senior vice president of the NHL North American Professional Hockey League, described “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” for the NHL North American Professional Hockey League; Marco Assanovic, president of AST, Austria, shared “The Construction and Operation of Ice Stadiums”; and “Harmony International (Bauer Ice Hockey University) Ye Chuqiao, Director of Products of China and Southeast Asia, introduced the innovative technology in the field of ice hockey equipment with the theme of “science and technology innovation leading the future trend of China’s ice hockey jerseys equipment market”.

It can be predicted that the successful holding of the People’s Sports 2008 China Ice Hockey Summit Forum will surely lay a solid foundation for the rapid development of China’s ice and snow sports. It not only provides a useful reference for the development of Chinese ice hockey and ice hockey industry, but also provides new ideas for the promotion of ice hockey culture. It also provides footnotes for the development of Chinese ice and snow sports and the successful hosting of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

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