Brown bear visit to China to lift ice hockey storm

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Helping teenagers develop sports

The three players were interviewed

In July 25th, the Boston Bruins fans meet cum youth hockey Development Forum in the new crab island resort put into trial operation of the Austrian public center was held on ice. From 2017 Wanwan Origen brown Boston official Summer Camp (Beijing Railway Station) more than 90 campers and their parents and some China Bruins fans together, not only in the China hockey association secretary general, Mr. Feng Fei, Ruijin Austrian Chairman Mr. Zhou Yunjie and the Boston Bruins packaging Limited by Share Ltd chief revenue officer Mr. Green’s wonderful theme sharing on the future development of youth hockey the knowledge and understanding of the more clear, more in Boston with the Bruins three star goalkeeper Lasco card (Tuukka Rask), David Pasternack (David Pastrnak) front and back Torey Kruger (Torey Krug) the face-to-face exchanges benefited.

The Boston Bruins fans meet cum youth hockey development forum is the 2017 Wanwan Origen Boston bears the official Summer Camp (Beijing Railway Station) the opening activities, but also the activities of the first opening venue auzone ice center. The city covers an area of 7000 square meters, multi-functional professional ice construction area of 12000 square meters, equipped with the international first-class rink facilities, also has 8 dressing rooms, a 400 square meters of land training site and the NHL Museum and authorized stores perfect facilities, opening it will become is a good place for many ice sports enthusiasts.

With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics approaching, public participation in winter sports enthusiasm is rising, and the ornamental, ice hockey, athletics team and one of the Winter Games has become one of the popular teenagers sports. Of course, there is a strong impetus from the government, but some active participation, such as Origen’s packaging, is an important force that can not be underestimated.

Children train for an instant

The past two years in the field of packaging Ruijin Olympic Hockey moves constantly, first is one of the six founding team NHL jerseys china alliance with Boston bears reached a strategic partnership, then held for two consecutive years “Chinese Ruijin Olympic Night” in the NHL game, is actively contributed to the final trip to NHL in 2017 in the match. In the “going out” and “bringing in” the combination mode, Origen packaging is also actively involved in domestic youth hockey cultural exchanges and training, in addition to funding for two consecutive years in Beijing area of outstanding youth hockey to the United States to accept the top ice hockey league NHL skills training, and through diversified cultural exchanges, deepen their understanding of experience activities for the top international ice hockey tournament and culture, but also for two consecutive years in Beijing and Boston jointly bear summer camp held in Shanghai, so that more children don’t step out of hockey can accept the top ice hockey training.

As the China Ice Hockey Association Secretary Fei science on Chinese Feng youth hockey future development put it, “the need to intensify the construction of more like domestic auzone ice hockey center as a professional venue, improve the masses awareness and understanding of ice hockey, ice sports meet everyone and watch the hockey game and high level join the club to participate in the competition of demand. At the same time, through to the NHL that the world’s top ice hockey tournament and cultural learning exchanges, is conducive to the formation of their own unique cultural Chinese hockey in China, prompting more people to love ice hockey, ice hockey, ice hockey jerseys final understanding to participate in sports.”

Mr. Origen Zhou Yunjie, chairman of packaging is a combination of their own has been engaged in ice hockey and the experience of the past two years, NHL’s top ice hockey tournament and cultural understanding and exploration, sharing scientific training, safety protection and many other experience to the majority of young people and their parents, the parents won the applause.

Three players posed for pictures with their children

In this event, the most let the young players, parents and fans, the interactive link than Boston Bruins three star 2017 NHL all star goalkeeper Toucas Lasco, Austria signed for Ruijin player David Pasternack and Lei Kruger. The three players not only shared their understanding of the ice hockey game and the various stories they played in NHL, but also combined their different career experiences to teach their young players a lot of their experiences. The small players, parents and fans are in the interactive link on their own interest or confusion of questions to three players turn questions, three lucky fans are getting the star’s signature jerseys.

It is reported that the Boston Bruins fans meet cum youth hockey development forum after the end of the event, sponsored by Origen packaging, auzone sports and Boston bears, Wangwang group, Beijing zero sunshine Hockey Club special support in 2017 Wanwan Origen Boston brown bears the official Summer Camp (Beijing Railway Station) will also open training courses in the four and a half days (July 25th -7 29 July) training courses, more than 90 participants will be divided into A, B, C, D group received Boston Bruins senior team coach and Canadian ice hockey coach team of professional ice and land fitness training guidance. In the Beijing Railway Station, jointly organized by the Boston Origen packaging, brown bear and champion ice, Wangwang group, Beijing zero sunshine Hockey Club special support Wanwan Origen in 2017 Boston bears official Summer Camp (ShangHai Railway Station) will be held July 31st -8 in Shanghai on 2 December champions。

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