Chicago Blackhawks jerseys

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Chicago Blackhawks jerseys

The Black Hawk era is over

In the 2016-17 season of the Stanley cup playoffs, the regular season ranked first in the West (109 points) of the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round, but was the dark horse Nashville Raiders swept out, 4 games only scored 3 goals but results so that all the fans are stunned. This summer’s press conference, the general manager Stan Bauman said the Black Hawk offseason the team will make major adjustments and changes, full of expectation, fans were still looking forward to that one has created 6 years 3 crown of the Chicago Blackhawks can return to the peak. However, since the opening season of the new season is drawing near, the team seems to have made no real changes. As far as the Hawks are on the roster, it seems difficult for them to go into the playoffs next season.

It could be said that the Chicago black hawk was one of the most heavily damaged teams, and this summer they continued to lose the champions who had won the Stanley cup with the team. Although the Blackhawks fans have already developed a strong heart, continue to leave players seem to have is uncommon, but the offseason the team announced their potential Russian teenager atemi – he traded to Columbo blue, immediately attracted fans in explosion like talk. Panarin will return once with the Black Hawk twice won the championship trophy of the old Brandon – Saad, return to the Black Hawk after Saad will assume the task of “activation” Captain Jonathan Taifusi, believe that if Taifusi can regain the status, continue to play a key leader of his familiar role on the pitch, then the next season Chicago BlackHawks jerseys online is still worth looking forward to.



In the past two seasons captain Jonathan Taifusi slump, Patrick Kaine has been charged with the task team score is, and he is really deliver the goods. In the 2015-16 season, Kaine had made 26 consecutive games scoring revenue records, breaking the NHL history of the United States created the longest scoring record player. After the end of the season, his disdain for the League scoring list with 106 points, in the offseason ceremony he also won the Hart Memorial Prize, the Ross prize – and Ted Lindsay will become one of the most brilliant player of the year. But Kaine was able to achieve such excellent results, largely due to the strong chemical reaction and he has a good partner atemi -‘. 2016-17 season, Patrick – Kaine is still stable, 82 games total of 89 points (34 goals, 44 assists), the efficiency value is also positive 11. At the beginning of this year, Kaine was named one of the top 100 in the 2017-18 NHL star, the new season is about to usher in, we also hope that Kaine can lead this trough in the Chicago Blackhawks nhl jerseys to move on.

Because the team salary space is too tight, plus the expansion factor of the draft, the summer management Blackhawks had to substitute goalkeeper Scott darling traded to the Carolina Hurricanes, although task performance has been outstanding darling and always in the main goalkeeper Crawford poor state when the team responsible for provoking girders, but retain the goalkeeper seems to be a more and more conventional approach. The regular season last season, Cory – Crawford save rate is 91.8%, 90.2% for the playoffs, the performance of law-abiding. Next season, he will continue to be the starting goalkeeper of the team and bring solid defence to the team.

Prospects for the new season:

We see Ryan Hartmann last season, the wonderful performance of Nick Schmal F and other young players, so we are still on the team looking forward to next season, and we may also see NCAA Yale University team captain John – Hayden and Alex – get a high score of 127 in the Ontario Youth Hockey League in Germany this year. Black Hawk fans don’t have to stick to the past. It’s a younger team. Experience the peak, will usher in a low valley, life is like this, perhaps once the small Dynasty is difficult to copy, but never abandon the company and support than the championship trophy to more profound.

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