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Is the Chinese game still going on?

Opening in Beijing

The first Chinese City Hockey League game in the Beijing Railway Station Huaxing Ice Center fudanlu Museum, from Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Guangzhou five city six hockey team hundreds of hockey fans join the Empire, launched a two day exchange.

The remainder of the game, the team could not miss the top league ice hockey NHL visited Chinese in NHL, China contractor Fang Huaxi under the support of international competition, every CCHL players come to Huaxi LIVE Wukesong, see the star style!

The CCHL Beijing Railway Station competition referee team selected by the Beijing Ice Hockey Association, in two days of competition, the six teams have many spontaneous visitors to the scene staged a game of exciting match. They also sent beautiful gifts to the teams.

Brotherhood of Beijing team and Liaoning team two team Shenyang Leiao is the Beijing Railway Station game the most powerful, the two sides in the group phase and final meeting, bring a very high level hockey game for field hockey enthusiasts. Fierce confrontation and rapid offensive and defensive wheel transfer, the audience shouted “fun.”! The brotherhood of Beijing team with strong strength to defeat the Liaoning team Shenyang Leiao well-matched in strength, won the championship. In the battle for the third runner up, the North South war between Guangzhou lightning team and Sparta Tianjin was equally wonderful, and finally the third runner was also a lightning brigade income cyst from afar. Also worth mentioning is the ranking match between the Beijing blades and the 62 team in Hangzhou. Despite the lack of competition for the top three, blade and 62 did not slack off in the final game! Hangzhou had been in the lead for the first two games, although the blade, who has been narrowing the scoring gap, still trailed 1 points to the last two minutes of the game, and scored less by the last minute foul. Subsequently, the blade in the number of inferior situation, even two goals to win the nhl game jerseys!

There are a lot of the China City Hockey jerseys League Beijing Railway Station memorable moment, all over the country came to Beijing hockey fans and other teams to take this opportunity to learn from each other, show yourself in a scraping, every time after the collision with each other gesture, in the fierce resistance of more than NHL Chinese to match the scene together to cheer favourite team after the game is drinking……

The joy of ice hockey belongs to everyone!

We’ll see you at the next stop!

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