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I did not expect those Continuous efforts handsome boys & girls in our department at wholesale cheap nike nhl jerseys supply good quality the University, have changed in the years after the reunion, it is the fattest girl in our class Shanshan weight-loss success, seems to dominate, beautiful keren.Shanshan university has one hundred and eighty pounds!Yeah, that’s jerseys supply center all.

I remember a school organization physical examination, every time a girl jumped on a weight scale, the sports teacher will be happy to report a number, basically no more than one hundred pounds of!

Turn slowly, we all held their breath, because her weight is always a secret, we want to know whether she multiple.

Shanshan slowly and clumsily onto the jerseys china factory scales, low self-esteem and closed his eyes, the PE teacher smiled and said: “ninety, ninety, ninety kg!”

We all couldn’t help laughing.

Shanshan ran out, ran to the playground outside. We realize that we are wrong, but cheap free shipping nhl jerseys also to pursue her. No Chengxiang, Shanshan suddenly fell in the playground of the door, we couldn’t help laughing.

Young US, it was too self righteous, where will take into account the cheap jerseys onlin self-esteem of a fat girl.

After graduation, we have successfully signed the work, but who has the courage to interview, she seems to have been on the run to work this thing, so she went to graduate school, logical.

At that time, she set goals for themselves is a famous one in Beijing, but her performance is not good, so the teacher jokingly said: “this is not going to do well the rhythm of fodder!”

We laughed, Shanshan low head, did not speak.

In fact, the first year of Shanshan was not admitted, but we thought she seemed thinner. At that time, we all work for a year, many girls began to learn to dress themselves, but Shanshan a year to graduate, and did not go to work, so the university students gathering, Shanshan and we only made a face to go back to study. We love to play the “truth” of the game, the most concerned about where you can find special clothes, where the vegetables and fruit more and continue to learn, high quality and inexpensive, hard to read, really very far away from us, as far as we don’t even want to mention.

Shanshan grind too domineering, it test the test for three years, but jerseys different size fortunately, the school was eventually admitted to the Beijing. When she went to graduate school, we were surprised to find that she lost a lot of weight, and most importantly, Shanshan become more confident. When we have asked about her weight, she from the underworld: “now has less than one hundred and sixty pounds, the revolution is not successful, comrades still have to work hard.”

We all laughed, smiled happily, feel Shanshan become a lot of optimism.

Goodbye Shanshan, is seven years after graduation, she had lost a girl’s weight, into a less than one hundred pounds. We are surrounded by her Shanshan, dressed in suits, delicate high-heeled shoes, how also couldn’t get her on the stadium and clumsy to fall in the girls together.

So, we immediately sit around a group, to listen to this inspirational story.

Shanshan said, when she was fat, deep feeling is afraid, she did not dare to go out to buy clothes, afraid to go blind, did not dare to eat high calorie foods, afraid to go out to travel. She is a sense of fear, this is all because they are too fat. No way, she had to put himself in the house to read, recite English words, review. At the beginning of the preparation, most of the feeling that some of the escape, and did not want to really have to test. Later, she found herself gradually into the state of study hard, if the day does not read, do not learn English, she will be afraid, feel that they are quickly eliminated.

In order to get thinner, she has done many extreme weight loss programs, such as acupuncture, diet, yoga, and so on. Helpless, the obesity gene Shanshan is too strong, her family is almost fat, so whenever I see her there is still no improvement in self torture, her mother will be extremely obese also came to comfort: “Shanshan, in my mother’s heart, you skinny like a reed. Don’t lose, I feel bad.”

“Have you ever seen such a fat reed? I have to be reduced, this is not to lose weight, this is the challenge of self.”

“My family are fat people, I do not think that what is not fat.”

“I don’t want to be a dead fat man.”

“The fat man will not die!”


In order to better slim down, she began to learn and exercise together, she was jerseys factory supply running while listening to English, this one, that is, seven years.

Seven years down the road, the park needs to run a number of steps, long run, she knows. She ran on the road, from gasping to fast from like a raccoon like monkey leap, the door to see the park every time to see her uncle, will applaud, to express admiration. She also smiled, to thank.

After her graduate school, she was not only thin, but also very good in English. After that, she actually successfully applied for an international reporter.

Shanshan’s weight loss experience too counter attack, we could not help but touched his belly fat and the fat, on the spot she vowed to join the ranks of the running, also want to lose weight.

Shanshan was called the waiter, let him take all our drinks:”

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