CWHL: American women’s hockey Professionalization

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Beijing time on March 26th morning, on behalf of the world’s highest level of women’s hockey CWHL (Canadian women’s Hockey League final occupation) in Canada, on behalf of the Kunlun Red Star China Shenzhen women’s ice hockey team, and the Ontario province local giants home court battle Markham thunder team in the regular time tough fights 1-1 tie. Although opponents in the lore of thrilling overtime, failed to win and return, but in the new season the new expansion of CWHL League, still writing China hockey history.

For Chinese hockey, will debut blockbuster star Kunlun women’s ice hockey team, opened a new chapter for the development of China hockey and for CWHL, the League itself, the past 17-18 season not only realized the League expansion of territory, to promote a change in the ice hockey world pattern, but also a symbol of the world women’s ice hockey into a new era of comprehensive occupation industrialization.

The new CWHL League, the new era of the women’s professional hockey

This past season is a milestone for the CWHL that has just finished the eleventh season since its creation. The first is the important change of the team, the territory of the league has been expanded across the continent. Although the name is the Canadian women’s Hockey League occupation, but the world’s current top women’s Ice Hockey League occupation is a worthy of the name International League, the League included 4 Canadian forces, 1 American team, and the new season league 2 teams in the country to join the Shenzhen team, Kunlun Red Star team and Shenzhen Vanke sunshine team.

In addition to kaijiangtuotu, CWHL this season has milepost sense, there is a huge change, that is from the beginning of this season, CWHL players can finally receive a salary from the team. At the height of sports industry today’s game, don’t say a paycheck, is hundreds of millions of dollars, even a big contract billion dollars is not what rare thing, but for women’s ice hockey nhl jerseys, fixed payroll really make the Canadian female ice hockey league in the name of the occupation occupation two the word, be worthy of the name, but this was only the first step to realize industrialization, occupation.

When dreams come into reality, the sports career needs financial support

Before this season, the CWHL League and all teams are only responsible for the training cost of players, the cost of travel, and the cost of equipment. They will not pay fixed salaries to their players, but there is not much signing fee when signing contracts. The North American continent on another women’s ice hockey occupation League was set up in 2015, the American women’s Ice Hockey League occupation NWHL, pattern and scale are relatively small, only by is located in the northeastern United States adjacent to each other in the state of New York, New Jersey, 4 teams in Connecticut and Massachusetts consisting of. Although NWHL nominal wages to players, but each team $270 thousand per season of super small cap, each player $10 thousand salary cap, let the stretched “wages” looks more like a living allowance, and even the players must also play a job to make a living.

Camille NHL hurried to the New Jersey devils home court Prudential Center, where the team will be in NWHL riveter opener against the visiting team against Boston pride. The collaboration with the NHL team of New Jersey demons this season has enabled girls to be able to compete at the NHL modern stadium and make them excited. The development mode of WNBA in women’s basketball professional league is a shortcut to the professionalization and industrialization of women’s ice hockey. The development mode of NHL is driven by the developed NWHL. After the cooperation with the New Jersey devil team, the Prudential Insurance Center has also been busy. Many times, there will be two games in a day. A NWHL will follow a NHL competition, which is an effective marketing tool.

There is no doubt that the ice hockey women’s occupation and industry has entered a new era, with two teams in Shenzhen, Kunlun Hongxing and Vanke sun team as the representative, China women’s ice hockey team has to grasp the development opportunity at present, ride aboard the development of occupation women’s ice hockey world, the future will have a brilliant future. The two women’s ice hockey players have 42 players, including 23 Chinese players and 5 Chinese American players. They are the main force of Chinese women’s ice hockey rejuvenation and the main source of Chinese women’s ice team to compete for the 2022 Winter Olympics. The development of women’s hockey Chinese occupation, not only in the Olympic Games competition for China team received great help, also lets us and world ice fans to keep pace, to appreciate the high level of women’s hockey jerseys, while at home, keep a copy of the team will threaten our pride, it also belongs to as Chinese hockey fans little lucky.

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