Do the fans throw jerseys when the nhl team is out?

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Team out of the playoffs fans chill throw Jersey senator’s future

After last week’s 2-3 away defeat against the Boston Brown Bears, the Ottawa Senate squandered its 40th defeat of the season and completely lost the chance to compete for a playoff seat.

Goalkeeper Anderson, facing such a tragic fact, expressed his helplessness in an interview: “We knew very early that the playoffs were over, this time it was just a formal loss of theoretical possibilities. I think that’s why the team changed coaches (the Senate announced on March 1st that they had cancelled their contract with Coach Guy Bush). Although we are not yet complete, I think the team is heading in the right direction. Over the past four or five games, we’ve been playing as a whole.

The Senate team has scored only 52 embarrassing points this season, 23-40 and 6 overtime wins. In the past 11 games nhl jerseys cheap, 1-9-1 overtime wins are even more tragic. To make matters worse, the team handed over all three top strikers, Mark Stone, Matt Duchenne and Ryan Kinzer, before the trading deadline of February 25. After the departure of captain Carlson at the beginning of the season, the optimistic fans who had hoped to renew their contracts with Stone or Duchenne were also chilled. To their disappointment, the plan for the new stadium was also frustrated by the miserliness of team owner Melnick. Senator fans began to lose a lot, and there were votes in fan community forums to support other teams. Toronto Maple Leaves and Montreal Canadians gradually became their new sustenance, not to be foolish, until the owner sold the team and would not turn back. They had already become the inner monologue of most Senator fans. Some extreme fans even throw their jerseys on the court during the game to express their dissatisfaction.

However, the team that has reached the bottom also has endless room jerseys for improvement. “We will make some plans for next year in the next few games.” Anderson said optimistically: “As a player, if you come here, do what you have to do, continue to learn, this team will rekindle the light of hope, next year will become more competitive, players will grow through the next game, next year they may be the team can rely on excellent players.”

The future is waving to this Senate team, but they are ridiculed as “strong enough to participate in the development alliance”. Where is the way now? They have no desire and are preparing for the rebound next season. This year, through a deal with the Golden Cavaliers, the young Swedish defender Eric Blanstrom, who joined the team, is an All-Star AHL guard, and is expected to become another hot defensive genius, contributing 28 points (7 goals 21 assists) in 41 games. “Swedish players play for the Senate team must do something”, is a major rule since the establishment of the team, Swedish players in Ottawa after growth and experience, always can achieve something, veteran captain Alfredsson and Carlson is the best proof. The Senate has traded their first draft to the avalanche team last season, but through several major trades in cheap jerseys onilne ? the season, the team holds the first round draft rights of the Sharks and the Blue Clothes (with strings attached). They are eager to be around young talent such as Tekachuk, Chalapik, Basterson and so on this summer, to help the team destroy the city and win the stronghold. Good hands. When the situation was not good and the generals were all reluctant to renew their contracts, General Manager Dorion did his best to save the Senate’s face by winning draft rights and young players before the trade deadline. Exercise rookies, looking at the current season is the team’s top priority.

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