Folleri was a penguin for the last time

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Le Tang visits hospital with trophy

Fulerui with the Stanley Cup Home “as the last day of the penguin”

Yesterday, the former Pittsburgh goalkeeper Mark Andre – Penguin exploits Fulerui with Stanley cup returned to his hometown in Quebec province in canada. At night, he took the Stanley cup in ‘plug Cardin hall, the central site the largest local ice hockey stadium, standing alongside hundreds of waiting and their local ice hockey players posed little hero.

The children in knots out of the bleachers, a team a, wearing their shirt, and Fuller Rui and they shook hands, and in the photo before the signature and they talk about two days. One child even pretend to use a bookmark microphone interviewed Fulerui, he is also very fit to answer the question.

Many penguins fans see this scene will fell dejected because this is Fulerui, penguin in effect for 13 years, the last time to attend public events on penguins player. After being selected by the team in 2003, he gave his youth and golden age here, winning three Stanley cups. But the new season, he will go to Las Vegas, Las Vegas, become the backbone of the new army.

When the children are excited to pass on the penguin shirt and hat for signature, the Fulerui inside the five mixed.

“I would say, I think this is my last day as a penguin.”. My family also had a lot of penguins’ hats, and they told me it wouldn’t happen again. So I think I can give myself over today, ready for vegas.”

The new season Fulerui will become a member of the Union Army Golden Knights, and he looks 2003 just came to Pittsburgh and does not have what difference, except when he was a 18 year old boy to learn English, but now he has arrived in Las Vegas, is a rich experience, can provide a lot of help for young players veteran. The years have taken away some things and gave back a lot to him.

But he said: “I don’t want to be the star of the team player, I just want to enjoy hockey, ice hockey experience gives me pleasure, I just want to be able to help the team win, give performances for the audience. This is a new team, so I hope that through experience in Pittsburgh to help the team through the initial stage.”

One day visit to children’s Hospital at Le Don and Stanley cup

Tencent sports news although Chris – Letangyin missed the playoffs, but as a member of the Pittsburgh penguins he still has a chance to spend a day with Stanley cup. Today, like many people, he shares the trophy with children at the children’s hospital.

In the early morning, Le Tang, first in his home in Montreal, accompanied by the Stanley cup, ate an ordinary breakfast with his son, Arrakis. Later, Le Tang and his wife Catherine – Ralph lemon came to St. Justin children’s Hospital, and where the children spent a happy day.

The 30 year old Le Tang in April this year due to a neck injury surgery led to the season, thus missed the Penguins wholesale jerseys nhl of Pittsburgh last season to win the tour. Before injury, he scored 34 points (5 goals, 29 assists) in the 41 regular season games.

But when it comes to children at the children’s Hospital, don Tong says his injuries are not worth mentioning: “the least thing I care about here is my health.”. My injuries to the hockey field were not comparable to the pain the children were suffering from. They were only five years old and not ready to take precautions. But they’re full of positive energy, and I’m happy to bring them a little fun.”

10 years of occupation career, this is the three time the team trophy Letangdi. In the 2015-16 season, as an important member of the penguin winning tour, Le Tang took the trophy to an ice rink in the outskirts of Montreal and shared the trophy with the small team there.

When it comes to the difference between the trophy and the first two, he said: “it’s not the first two times. I’m not emotional about it because I didn’t play in the playoffs.”. I want to thank my teammates for giving me the chance to win the Stanley cup.”

Speaking of the season’s various moves, Le Tang said: “because of the salary cap, it’s hard for the team to keep everyone, and some guys have to leave.”. But the attraction of competitive sports is here, too. There are always young people coming into the team and trying to compete for playing time.”

Talking about the future, Le Tang said in front of the penguin is the chance for three is from the island of New York after nhl jerseys cheap three consecutive years 1981-83 no one did grand dominance.

“Why don’t you try?” I believe our team has this ability. Since I didn’t do much for the team last season, it gave me the chance to give back to the team in the new season and I wanted to change for the team.”

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