Former NHL player joins Kunlun star

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To open a back injury

KHL in the middle of this month has officially released the 2017-18 season the team’s match schedule, Beijing Vanke Kunlun Hongxing dragon team only a representative Chinese in the continental Hockey League will in August 22nd officially opened their second season, the first game of super star ninth ranked Sochi team will go to Russia away the last regular season nba.

At present, Kunlun super star players in Europe for a pre-season, presumably fans have noticed that in the management team to adjust the team after the upgrade, now Beijing Kunlun Hongxing squad than last season and is almost a big shake, in addition to Tommy Carle, Hu Ning and Yuan Junjie Bret – Beller Moore some people stay in the team, the rest of the players is almost all the new faces. The current lineup released the list, the team increased the number of North American players, including one of the relatively heavyweight signings in 2004 the first round of the NHL show the Buddha etek – wolsky.

Volsh, who has 451 NHL appearances and 179 KHL appearances, is now 31 years old and has chosen to continue his ice hockey career in china. Volsh from Poland after Germany was removed to Canada with his parents and brother at the age of four, living in the Toronto District of Etobicoke in a nondescript apartment. When Volsh often skating and playing in an icy tennis court, because the home conditions are not well-off, he can only wear brother skates to train, because the feet than his big brother on the number, Volsh will usually fill socks or thick towels, although there is no good training the conditions, but in order to exercise their love of Volsh has been constantly trying, he was the Ontario Youth Hockey League (OHL) 14 Brampton barracks in the team record holder, is the most valuable player of the 2006 OHL. In 2014, he was selected by the Colorado avalanche, scoring 267 points in his 451 NHL games, including 99 goals and 168 assists. 2006-07 season, the best performance of Volsh created their own occupation career in an avalanche, 22 goals 28 assists total scored 50 points, but not stable performance and small injury has become the biggest obstacle of his occupation development, the four season he was traded four times, Feinikesi has played for the coyotes (now, the New York Rangers Arizona coyotes), Florida Jaguars and Washington Capitals, the period for Volsh becomes extremely difficult, he told the media that “in the last few seasons playing in the NHL jersyes cheap I really can’t say how to enjoy, at that time I was very upset, even for the game have lost interest.”
2013 – Voytek Wolsky chose to leave North America, went to the other side of the ocean continental Hockey League to seek new possibilities in the first season playing for the Nizhny Novgorod torpedo team he was ranked in the top scorer of all KHL players in the top ten. “At the beginning of a few months before Russia really not used to, but I have been able to slowly adapt to play here and I think I matured a lot, the most important thing is that I began to enjoy the game brings joy.”

In 2016, Wolsky with horse won the first steel metallurgy KHL championship trophy in his life, misfortune followed. Maanshan City home court against Astana last October 13th when the snow leopard team to the third game game happened on the tragic scene, a player Volsh and snow leopard team in the ball when hit together, Volsh was the head hit the wall has been down, on the field immediately stopped the match referee whistle after the game, the second announced by the Volsh Frank Tianma two cervical spine fracture and spinal cord injury, concussion and facial abrasions, Volsh also had ended the season. The doctor told him that if the injury was close to the nerve a little, he would probably be in danger of paralysis. “I don’t even know if I can play again.” Volsh was still haunted by the memory of the injury.

In June this year, rapid recovery and there is no big deal Wolsky choose to join the KHL army Beijing Kunlun Hongxing, and signed a two-year contract. Before coming to the super star team assembled, woyi Tektronix Volsh has started to recover the training about 2 months training in North America, together with his players including the Tampa Bay Lightning, cheap jerseys Steven Stam, and the Dallas stars Jason Speza and Brent Burns of the San Jose Sharks, Wray said recently restored Tektronix okay, when he was on the pitch has not to worry about his injury, obviously he can’t wait to return to the court.

For Volsh, joining Beijing, Kunlun and hung star opened a new chapter in his career. After suffering a serious injury last year, now he can put on the star team’s jersey for the Chinese KHL team to play, this is a very inspirational story. Voytek – Volsh and his wife Jesse have two children, son Weston is only 2 years old, the daughter of Lennon but also 14 weeks, Volsh said he hopes to be able to play as much as possible a few years, so two children can remember my father in the field. “I’m 31 years old, and when I get older, you’ll realize that the end is getting closer and closer to me. You must try your best to play.

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