Good news! The NHL China race is coming

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Beijing time this morning, the high-profile 2018 Honda NHL All Star Race in the Tampa Bay Center Emily came to a close, the Pacific Division continues to gain a complete victory yesterday they beat the central stride forward singing militant songs, partition and the partition of the Atlantic, won the all star championship.

All star game is over, but belongs to the Chinese fans Carnival will continue, union president Gary Bateman announced an exciting news during all star weekend: NHL will continue to promote the “world series of events (Global Series games), planned for next season will be the preseason and regular season to overseas, NHL China match will come back again!

“We are very pleased to see that the continuity of global competitions can be achieved,” President Bateman said. “If we want to establish an international strategy or create a sense of existence, these activities are absolutely necessary.”

This NHL will join Origen packaging, continue to the 2018-19 season NHL preseason to China, will last September in Beijing Wukesong arena, Shanghai Mercedes Benz cultural center staged China ice hockey jerseys story continues, but the specific against the team and the host city and other details have not yet been released. What are the two teams that you want to see this time?

This president Bateman also explained that this is because of the comprehensive consideration: “we all know that international competition is jointly sponsored by the league and the players union, this partnership means that we need to ensure that in the whole process of organizing and planning in both sides to clear all the details, so instead of hasty announcement, we also need to ensure that in sync state and partners.”

To sum up, one sentence: we are very strict and careful about the details of all aspects of the Chinese competition.

All stars look like it? Good news! The global series is coming

Last September, the king of Losangeles and the Vancouver added people in the two games in Beijing and Shanghai. History first blown the east wind of NHL to the land of China and the king’s two war. Although only two preseason games, but for the development and market of global NHL Chinese hockey jerseys business promotion is undoubtedly a great progress, the Wukesong arena and the Mercedes Benz center full attendance is also visually demonstrate the great potential of China market and Chinese hockey culture. What kind of good play will be put on this time? We will wait and see.

International tournament, last November 11th and 12th NHL held a global tournament in Sweden and Stockholm, the Ottawa senators beating Colorado avalanche. Next season, the Edmonton oil people and the New Jersey devil will play the season opening battle in Sweden, the number one against the trigger.

In addition, the two teams in Europe will also play a game of their pre-season, the devil will come to Switzerland champion Nick Hehill’s hometown; oil will visit Germany, the team’s Center – home care Leon dreiser. Specific details of the team and the city have not been announced.

After the opener, Florida Jaguars and Winnipeg jets will also be held in Finland in early November in two games of the regular season, as a continuation of the series of global NHL. It is worth mentioning that the puma striker Alexander Barr, and jets striker Patrick Ryan is the two Finland nationality player NHL’s most prestigious, the global competition for local fans is a derby feast.

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