Half of the NHL season

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A guide to the team strengthening before the end of the transaction – the central part of the game

This season is the overall strength of the central and metropolitan area as the competition is very fierce, thriving. The wildness of the first man and the sixth were only 7 points. It was the traditional strong team of Chicago black hawk who fell in the middle of the competition. This has been completely unimaginable in the past few years. The “unexpected” rise of the jet was amazed by the unaware fans. The following one of us to pick up, to talk about the third phase of the strengthening guide.

Chicago Black Hawk nhl jerseys: configuration problem? No, it’s a strategic problem.

The two operations of the Black Hawk before the start of the season were in fact a potential hazard. Now, the bottom of the partition is only a hidden danger. It will become more and more intractable in the near future. Before the season begins, the Black Hawk will continue to win the champion Brent Seabrooke for 7 years and 6 million 875 thousand a year. Then, in order to activate the season on the poor performance of captain Jonathan Taifusi, with 16 al rookie of the year – as a bargaining chip in exchange for Panarin temme Taifusi best partner Brandon saad. Two consecutive risky operations have made the Black Hawk questioned in the season before the start of the season. Indeed, half of the season finished, veteran Marian Hossa – the uncertainty of return as well as the starting goalkeeper Cory Crawford’s injury so this is not a black hawk stretched one disaster after another. Only by Kaine’s personal power LED, can not let the central have a space for one person the glint and flash of cold steel. The strategic error made the Black Hawk in the valley after the three crowns. Fortunately, last week, aware of the problem of Black Hawk trading for coyotes Du Claire timely stop, for the future operation of opening a new page jerseys ice hockey.

Colorado Xue: take your own way, let others have no way to go

On the bottom of the season to become the belly after a draw on the avalanche character did not save up, leading to the champion, the second, third nothing dilemma, realize the operation team, God is better to seek their own, giving the team rookie plenty of trust, the rookie to outstanding performance in return team trust. Half of the season, Miko LAN tanin 47 points, Alexander W. Crawford 32 point performance won attention. In November, I hope to see the first card to the avalanche will Du for senator Shane 1 next year, 2, the 3 round picks and several potential players. In response to the avalanche after the transaction, the following is the success of the 10 consecutive victory to win a place from the central area. Is on the central position of the 13 champion did not bring mac. At present, Mackinnon is 60 points with the Kuche Llov for the scoring King’s throne. The avalanche, established at the core, will be more frightening in the future.

Dallas Star jerseys: trust coach, exercise the depth of the lineup

Before the season Dallas star signed the four round of the price of the signing of Bishop’s right to deal with the team for many years to solve the problem of goalkeepers. At the beginning of the season, laloff, signed from Canadians, further promoted a set of attack fire. Attacking and defending the weak stars, this season’s offensive back – back Colin Berry’s defense has been exercised in the offensive and defense of the best defender. In fact, Dallas is the biggest star signings coach Sici Kirk Sici Kirk, defensive defense this season, let the stars on a higher level. The team ace Gemini Bain Waseguin for his training, add a bloody game. But the Dallas star is 2, 3, 4 and guard 2, 3 groups of weak. After all his fists difficult to play four hand, future stars still rely on Hitchcock training, strive for a playoff spot.

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