How much ice hockey do people in Czech love?

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In the Pingchang Olympic Games men’s hockey semi-finals, Czech goalkeeper Pavel Frantz still faces his old rivals, but this time he wears the jersey from the club uniform to the national team uniform.

Played in the continental Hockey League – Chelyabinsk tractor Frantz, will face the same league, almost by the St Petersburg army team and CSKA Moscow. The Russian Olympic team in the continental Hockey League in their game, Frantz had a great game lost without exception.

Speaking of Czech, you may think of Prague of Bohemia culture center, or think of Baroque romantic The Danube. Of course, you will also think of ice hockey, and ice hockey has special significance for a country less than 800 thousand square kilometers. In this country, the newly born child is brought to the scene by the parents to watch the ice hockey, to feel the special atmosphere created by the ice hockey. When children grow up to age four and five, parents will let them go on ice to learn to play ice hockey and participate in the ice hockey.

In this country, people love hockey even more than football and basketball, and ice hockey naturally becomes the first big sport.

Ice hockey in Czech is a national investment, and every time to the Olympic Games, world championships, world series, the people of Czech will put his work, on time waiting for his national team cheer up in front of the screen, which has become a Czech people most can not miss the things that is also true every family, which shows the ice hockey has already integrated into the Czech people’s blood. The solid foundation, strong lineup team, Czech ice hockey has been in the front end of the world, along with Canada and the United States, Russia, Sweden, Finland, and called the world’s six hockey powers.

At the end of the last century to the beginning of the new century is the most glorious moment for the Czech hockey stars NHL, led by the Czech hockey ice swept across the world, then the golden generation took when all the world competition era can get champion, one of which is the weight of the heaviest of the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Men’s gold medal, and then in the 99-01 period and for three consecutive years won the world championship title, the scenery is at no two.

Now it is the world’s highest level of NHL in the North American Hockey League jerseys, is the world’s second largest ice hockey league Ice Hockey League, KHL, always find a large number of Czech players, as the Czech senior Hockey League Super League don’t express it, for the Czech hockey world has played a key role.

The Czechoslovakia League is the highest level ice hockey league in Czech. It is formed by the separation of the first Ice Hockey League of Czechoslovakia. It is called the world’s sixth largest ice hockey league, and the whole league has 14 teams. Every year from September to April of next year is the competition cycle of the Czech Super League. The frenzied Czech people will make every ice hockey hall full of seats, holding beer in their hands, shouting at the heart and lung.

Even the best players very much to go to a higher level of the league, but the League jiechao never lack of wonderful, only the occupation team is more than more than 60, there are hundreds of large and small ice hockey club, ice hockey organization in the private sector, these large groups, to lay a solid foundation for Czech hockey.

With the development of China “The Belt and Road” theme of the times, Czech is an important country Silk Road Economic Belt along, so ZOJE established a strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries, the coordination of economic and trade cooperation cannot do without sports, after Chinese won the 2022 Winter Olympics held right, both sides also have been more closely cooperation in the field of ice hockey, more and more Chinese young players visited Czech to learn experience Czech hockey.

Czech ice hockey is special, they are not the kind of Canada hockey jerseys ghosts fluttering, no Russian ice hockey wild roar, no Swedish ice hockey that steady heavy, but they have their own pride and dignity, with the passage of time, you will find that Czech hockey has not changed, so it is not the same, has a unique the position in the world in ice hockey. However, in recent years in the replacement of the old and new Czech team World Championship achievement is not very ideal, perhaps the future will still be so, but this did not shake the position of the ice in the world. If one day you wander in the streets of Czech, remember to buy a Czech Hockey League match, a cup of beer, sit on the sidelines, maybe you can find the reason.

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