How to enjoy an NHL game?

By • Apr 18th, 2021 • Category: NHL Jerseys News

CCTV5 + channel can watch NHL’s game. As a “layman” of ice hockey, from what point should I enjoy a ice hockey game?

First of all, it’s not difficult to understand the ice hockey game. Generally speaking, football watching experience is enough.

Well, the rules of these boring things said so much, to some fans need to watch: what we fans watch.

My suggestion is: first of all, choose a home team. If you have a home team, it’s not like you don’t stand on your feet. If you don’t know how to choose, I’d like to introduce a few. If you’re chasing stars, you can see penguins. There’s Crosby, the golden boy of ice hockey, which is equivalent to James of basketball. He’s the son of choice. He’s the leader of the Canadian national team. Around the club are Russian rocket launcher Malkin and American cannon Cassell. Star guard Le Tang. It’s just that the team’s back is a bit unstable, a bit like the kind of plot that the real protagonists in the Jianghu all have. nhl jerseys cheap Happy love and hatred, light knife and fast horse. I also went to Macintosh and was hanged, but the aura of the protagonist was too dazzling, so I recommend it.

Because of the cold war, ice hockey confrontation between the East and the West has been a tradition for half a century. I see a lot of ice fans are actually interested in the Russian team. Besides, this year’s team system is perfect, there should be some breakthroughs, right?

Look at the Canadians, Rangers. The two teams have stars, so they are not the NBA eagles of today.

There are also the defending champion, the ice hockey spurs Chicago Black Hawks, who have a strong team background; the ice hockey jerseys rockets, who have a strong paper strength and play poorly, Anna Heim duckling. Old strong, now hoarding talent ice hockey Timberwolves – Edmonton oil man. And hockey, Beckham, star team saguin. There’s always one for you.

I think the biggest ornamental of ice hockey game is watching fighting! As a ball game that can fight within the rules, at least half of the audience buy tickets to watch the fight. The attack and defense speed of ice hockey is quick, so the team cooperation is basically useless. Generally speaking, a player seldom plays all season. Ice hockey is probably the most violent sport jerseys.

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