Ice hockey superstar appears doubtful in Beijing Winter Olympics

By • Feb 1st, 2020 • Category: NHL Jerseys Online

The International Hockey Federation has given NHL a deadline to announce whether to participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. FIFA president Marcel fasser has asked NHL to give answers before the last three countries qualify for the men’s ice hockey event at the end of August.

Fasser hopes to avoid a repeat of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, when NHL gave an answer not to participate 10 months before the opening of the games. “Especially the North American teams, the United States and Canada, they have some problems in finding players and building a good team for the Olympics,” fasser said. “If NHL does not agree to participate in the games, these teams should have time to prepare for the 2022 games.”

If NHL wants to get benefits, it needs hundreds of millions of yuan to let people go

NHL Commissioner Bateman has mentioned in the past that the mid-season break will be a tough task for the League: “I think it’s a challenge for us to participate in the Olympic Games. I know players like to represent their country. I know the players like to go. I know players who don’t like to rest in the middle of the season. But from our point of view, we find that playing in the Olympics has caused incredible damage to our season. For us, at best, it’s a mixture of good and bad. Again, it has a big negative impact on our season. ”

Fasser did hope Bateman would eventually agree, because it was “an opportunity to show the world the ice hockey game.”. NHL last participated in the Winter Olympics in 2014, when it was held in Sochi, Russia. Canada beat Sweden in the gold medal race thanks to njl stars such as (Sydney Crosby), (John Tavares), (Jonathan Toews) and (shea Weber). As it sounds, if Bateman wants to consider allowing NHL big names to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics, the International Hockey Federation has to be a bit persuasive. Time waits for no man.

As we all know, NBA stars have no money to participate in the Olympic Games, but NHL jerseys is not. In 2014, Sochi Winter Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee agreed to bear the travel expenses and insurance expenses of NHL players, with a total amount of up to 14 million US dollars, which also serves as compensation for NHL’s suspension for three weeks. In the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, NHL lion opened its mouth and hoped to get more compensation. The International Olympic Committee and the International Hockey Federation were reluctant to pay, and the South Korean side was even more shy. As a result, NHL did not allow its players to participate in the Winter Olympic Games.

There’s a saying that NHL doesn’t like to let people go because the Korean market is too small, but the market volume in China jerseys is very large. If NHL wants to copy the success of NBA in China, it’s still inclined to participate. It’s just to bargain before, and ask for as many “benefit fees” as possible. It’s estimated that they want hundreds of millions of RMB.

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