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Elementary school Lazy wholesale 2016 nike nhl jerseys when practicing calligraphy,from China factory online the weekend to carry the ink bottle to the teacher’s home, the bottle is not tightened, the ink bag of stationery are dirty. So I think the handwriting is sulking, hate, difficult and trouble, learn a few days then do not want to.

Later in high school Chinese composition, never get ideal scores, bite the bullet and asked the teacher, he said “well written, but the word is ugly.” When the school organization composition contest, the teacher even take the initiative to recommend me, “to find a word to find a good looking students to help you copy it, otherwise the possibility of winning is very small.”

Sophomore test driver’s license, with my coach is very bad temper, I was scolded cry two times, humiliating IQ N times. My anger, said time again, then simply did not go to school, now I will nba jerseys cheap china graduate, still do not have a driver’s license. Wait until the new year back home, a small city where I taxi, the Spring Festival is on the meter, 10 dollars away, can say 30 wild speculations do not sit down. The family are busy, idle car home, but I will not open ah, I can only go to the taxi stopped, they were sent home to.

And give up halfway swimming, three days fishing nets two days of drying art, “back again tomorrow” words…… They nba jerseys wholesale are all in a moment later jumped out to be caught off guard, embarrass me. “Karma” is really the eternal truth of the existence of all steal lazy, will become the face.

When the new home decoration, there is a part of the furniture is made by hand. When a carpenter in my work, the nba jerseys nike door open ventilation, a neighbor to relatives of the man, specially came on the sidelines.

The old man said, he still regrets, no good carpentry. Originally, when he was young master learned together with the old carpenter, but feel too fine too much trouble, but also cut hands, do not want to learn. Next, the man wanted to do some simple work, so they followed relatives go to work along the coast.

But the old man did not proficiency in a particular line. He went to the site to move wholesale cheap nike nhl jerseys bricks, line factories, finally bustling about ten years, is still not in a big city home, had to return home to do small business.

Once worked with him to learn the carpenter’s partner, and now one has become a respected local craftsmen, and even opened their own furniture factory. He can only stand in a stranger’s door, appreciate others “show” that he had to give up the technology.

Remember Kevin Tsai wrote: 15 years old feel difficult to swim, give up swimming, to 18 years old met a person you like about you nba jerseys authentic to swim, you have to say, “I will not”. 18 years old feel English difficult, give up English, 28 years old appeared a great but will work in English, you have to say, “I will not”.

Early life more trouble, too lazy to learn more, then more likely to miss your heart in the people and things, miss the new scenery.

I now feel that this is a “truth””. Lose weight when lazy, summer is filled with thin legs, you can only in front of his fat sulk. When the lazy, the students one by one, into the study elite enterprises, you can only complain about his talent in at dead of night.

All steal too lazy, will become the face. I don’t know how to persuade a lazy I only know: start with a clean slate, face pain, swollen face will be ugly.

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