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When Gary Bateman performed his duties in February 1, 1993 on the first day, he shared his vision of the alliance with reporters at NHL headquarters of Fifth Avenue in downtown Manhattan, New York. He said, “I have to go and see it first.” 1/4 NHL over the past century, under his leadership, has changed dramatically, the expansion, outdoor race, income growth and competitive balance has become an inalienable connotation of alliance.

“I always try to enjoy ice hockey as a fan, so that it is easier to get close to the players in our sports — fans, players, team bosses or League executives — this is the best angle I imagined. The president of Bateman said in his office in New York on Thursday. “I served as a senior vice president and general counsel of NBA, which is also an important work. But turning to ice hockey, a sport that I really love, is an exciting challenge and opportunity for me.”

Since its establishment in 1917, NHL has had five directors. Now Bateman has been in power for 25 years. He is the longest standing president of the four major professional sports alliances in North America.

25 years ago, President Bateman talked about the topics of television, marketing and labor relations through telephone conference. These are the professional fields he developed during NBA.

“I’m determined to kill off the field, so that fans can pay attention to what is happening on the field.” He told the reporter. “It has to be done to do this. A good labor agreement must be signed to maintain a stable relationship with the players. To run the alliance in a business way, you don’t have to look at the face of the boss or the president or the union leader, just pay attention to the players’ wonderful performance on the ice.

Today, the NHL team has expanded from 24 to 31 in Bateman’s 1992-93 season, and the players have increased from 787 to more than 1000. There are only about 14000000 spectators in the regular season of the 1992-93 season, with more than 22 million people this season. 25 years ago the expansion fee of only $50 million, now increased to ten times, $500 million; the next expansion will reach $650 million, the team is worth more than before.

The past 25 years have signed a landmark broadcast, digital and sponsorship contract, with a dramatic increase in the global NHL audience, affecting the emerging social media network. Social media fans have increased from blank to 13 million 400 thousand, still growing. The world fans 24 hours a day through the tablet computer and intelligent mobile phone application in eight languages to access the NHL website, focus on dynamic alliance, in a number of different platforms to watch the game in real time, found statistical information never seen before, including since the 1917 alliance was established in each match data.

In 2017, NHL, and other ways to match the documentary a year long Centennial activities, to commemorate the one hundred years of the greatest moments, the greatest players, including legend and some less well-known players. Bateman said that the alliance has touched so many people in many ways, including fans and players, not only active but also retired players, including their families, especially the 100 year old players. Instead, review of alliance development since 1917 growth path, and the memory of the history of our traditions, let us on today’s achievement is very proud. Therefore, the centennial celebration is of great significance. ”

The 1271 games before the start of the Stanley Cup games this season are the cornerstones of the league, but not all. Through the “search for the Stanley Cup” and “the NHL road to the winter classic”, fans enjoy the players’ behind the court story.

The outdoor competition has been a great success. Since the first Heritage Classic in Edmonton in 2003, 12 million fans have watched 24 outdoor games. The league has launched the competition to the world, including China and Europe. NHL players participated in the five Olympic Games, the three ice hockey jerseys world cup, and the most recent one is the 2016 World Cup in Toronto.

During the 25 years’ presidency of President Bateman, NHL jerseys has set up some important committees and departments, including competition committee, player safety department and NHL injury analysis team. The latter has been renamed the NHL and NHL players union union health and safety committee. The introduction of salary cap and the sharing of income make the economic stability and competition balance of NHL reach the best state of history.

The league has adjusted the rules, including the introduction of overtime – 4 people on both sides, now 3 to 3 – the winner of each regular game. After the 2000-01 season, every game to two referees, supplemented by the net inside and above the center of high precision camera video playback. The referee can communicate in real time with the league’s video playback room in Toronto.

NHL actively participates in community activities and encourages participation and inclusiveness at all levels. The alliance pioneered community planning such as “ice hockey belongs to everyone”, “ice hockey cancer” and “Green Hockey” to contribute to the global cause.

NHL the ship has sailed for second centuries. Bateman says the vigorous development of the global movement does not allow him to focus too long on one individual thing. When it comes to what is going to be the greatest change in NHL, Bateman said, “it’s definitely not a thing. All things are associated with other things. We will advance all round. We will continue to pay attention to the details of the game and its play. In fact, the game is not enough intense, good – looking, the team can be stronger and the fans can be more. We are going to continue to work in this area, to contact our fans in North America and elsewhere, and to use all the digital technology. There are all these aspects. “

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