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NHL jerseys holds land ice hockey training in China

By • May 3rd, 2021 • Category: NHL Jerseys News

NHL held land ice hockey training in China, with more than 1000 primary and secondary school teachers participating. On April 30, the online course of land ice hockey initiated by NHL (North American ice hockey professional league) for China was successfully completed. The course lasted for four months, and nearly […]

How to enjoy an NHL game?

By • Apr 18th, 2021 • Category: NHL Jerseys News

CCTV5 + channel can watch NHL’s game. As a “layman” of ice hockey, from what point should I enjoy a ice hockey game? First of all, it’s not difficult to understand the ice hockey game. Generally speaking, football watching experience is enough. Well, the rules of these boring things said […]

NHL Colorado Avalanche vs Anaheim Ducks stage jerseys comeback

By • Mar 19th, 2021 • Category: NHL Jerseys News

Avalanche beat Ducks 8-4 to win 4 in a row On the morning of March 17, Beijing time, the NHL continued to fight fiercely. The Colorado Avalanche, home to Bauer, reversed the visiting Anaheim Ducks 8-4. Avalanche team is in good shape recently. The team won three consecutive games last […]

NHL players jerseys to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics is not yet settled?

By • Feb 22nd, 2021 • Category: NHL Jerseys News

Last year, NHL and nhlpa reached a consensus to allow NHL players to participate in the 2022 and 2026 Winter Olympics. However, according to the report of Canadian media (TSN) on February 17, the communication between NHL, nhlpa, the International Hockey Federation and the International Olympic Committee is still in […]

NHL players make extra jerseys money due to shrinking salaries due to epidemic

By • Jan 25th, 2021 • Category: NHL Jerseys News

NHL’s wages have shrunk due to the epidemic, and players earn extra money to make up for the deficit NHL new season starts on January 14, 2021 Beijing time, affected by the epidemic, the regular season is reduced to 56 games. Because COVID-19 is still in a state of continuous […]