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NHL’s young players after 2020 and 95 have already pointed to the shooter Wang this year

Today, the Boston brown bears at the top of the table are playing against the Columbus blue team at home. They have their own attack and defense, but they lost 1-2 in overtime. The brown bears who lost the game are still at the top of the table. At present, they share 59 points with the capital team, ranking first and second in the table.

Although the Boston brown bear lost at home, their young striker (pastrnak) once again broke through the door of the opponent, scoring his first goal since 2020, also his 30th goal this season, and the first nhl player jerseys in the League to score 30 goals.

Born on May 25, 1996, pasternia, from Czech Republic, is not yet 24 years old, but he has been playing for the Boston brown bear for six seasons. He started to shine from 16 to 17 seasons, scoring more than 30 goals every year. He scored 162 goals and 182 assists in 362 games, with a total score of 344. Such high light data makes him an indispensable force in the front court of the brown bear team. At present, he ranks first in the scoring list with 30 goals. At the same time, he has 30 assists this season. At present, he ranks fourth in the scoring list with 60 points, only 4 points less than the first ranked mcdoweld.

After scoring the 30th goal, pasternia was not too happy because of the strength of the team, he said in an interview: “this year is frustrating, obviously the opponent is better prepared this year. We want to win more games and it’s frustrating that we didn’t do well enough today

In addition to pastelnia, this year’s NHL jerseys cheap has become the world of players after 95. Matthews, who is second in the scoring list, has 27 points. He was born in 1997 and is only 22 years old. Matthews started his NHL career in the 16-17 season. In addition, he played 254 times in four seasons, scored 138 goals, assisted 116 times and scored 254 times in total. One goal per game has become an important scoring tool for the maple leaf team. He also became the face of game maker EA’s nhl20.

Eichel, who is only 23, is also third in the scoring table, scoring 26 goals and 28 assists. In his career, he made 327 appearances, scored 127 goals and 186 assists. Born on September 1, 1995, at the age of 24, MacKinnon, the fourth avalanche team in the table, has scored 25 goals and 37 assists this season, ranking third in the scoring table with 62 points, making a new generation of champion.

We can learn from the talents of Jiangshan generation that they will dominate the next few seasons new jerseys sales.

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