NHL 2021 season continues fierce battle

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NHL Golden Knights beat St. Louis Blues 4-1

The NHL continues to fight. The Vegas Golden Knights, who are at home in Telekom, beat the visiting St. Louis Blues 4-1.

Although the two teams have already got the tickets for the playoffs, they have different goals in this game. The golden Knights are 4 points ahead of the avalanche team, which is one game short. They have to keep winning to keep their first place in the West. The first round of the blues playoffs in accordance with the current ranking is likely to encounter the golden Knights, the blues hope to win from the golden Knights, has accumulated their confidence. Before this season, the two teams played a total of 7 games, the golden Knights 5-1-1 extra time to occupy a firm advantage.

Golden Knights goalkeeper Frederick

After the opening, the golden Knights took the lead in breaking the goal. After being saved in a row, Smith’s shot hit the blues defensive Schwartz skate and rebounded into the goal. The golden Knights took the lead. Former Blues captain King Knights defender Peter langelo pushed the ball into the blue line. He first pushed the ball along the right road with his left hand holding the stick, and then his right hand helped to pull the ball to the left, completely shaking the defensive David peron. Then he pushed to the front of the door and passed it to nearby Stephenson,nhl jerseys cheap who scored the ball. At the end of the first quarter, the Golden Knights led 2-0.

Smith’s first record

In the second quarter, the blues was obviously affected by the first quarter’s loss of the ball and strengthened the physical confrontation. Schwartz, portizo and Mackenzie collided with the golden Knights in a row. In the first five minutes, the blues had five collisions. Seven minutes after the blues, Wes candela’s shot was saved by Fleury. One minute and 30 seconds before the end of the second quarter, petranjello fouled Mackay, and Mackay attacked petranjello directly, both of them were punished. 37 seconds before the end of the second quarter, pareco grabbed the ball in front of the goal after the success of the floor wall, scoring a point for the blues.

In the third quarter, the conflict between the two sides became more intense. In the first two minutes, Justin Volcker and William Carriere broke out a conflict, both of them were punished, and then Jack Wollman of the blues team fouled tage. The golden Knights seized the chance of a strong attack, and Peter langelo assisted Smith in front of the goal to score twice. Next, the cheap St. Louis Blues jerseys collided with the golden Knights four times a minute in a row. Schwartz and peron were sent off in a row. After that, petrangelo and whitecloud were also sent off for fouls. O’Reilly missed an open chance during the blues hit. Smith scored a hat trick at the end of the game and the Golden Knights beat Blues 4-1 at home.

Two days later, the golden Knights jerseys online will face the avalanche at home and the Blues will visit Los Angeles to challenge the king.

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