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TAMPA, FL – JANUARY 27: Alex Pietrangelo #27 of the St Louis Blues competes in the Dunkin’ Donuts NHL Passing Challenge during the 2018 GEICO NHL All-Star Skills Competition at Amalie Arena on January 27, 2018 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

NHL all star skill match fall curtain, wheat champion speed skating professional athlete

The sixty-third NHL all star game skills challenge was launched in Tampa this morning. In 6 challenges, the Pacific area won 4 titles, which laid a good foundation for tomorrow’s match.


Tampa Bay Lightning Brayton – Boyte opening Xianshengduoren, made the fastest speed of 13.579 seconds, then other players play not over this problem. The final appearance is the Edmonton oilers captain Connor – Mike Dafydd, as a rapid and commander of the championship, the all star game, many players have refused to participate in the challenge, not only to be wheat ball “shame”, and Wang Mai Diego debut, each tic ice hole Wuhan strong, with 13.454 take the second beat Boyte, the challenge champion. (Pacific Division)

Master of passing

As the first time this year launched the project, the first appearance of lightning striker Nikita Kuche’s is not adapt to, multiple passes are not hit LED signs, score only 1 points 47 seconds, but the subsequent appearance of the players found the trick, trapeze captain Claude Giroux to refresh the record, but the subsequent appearance of his former teammates at present, the Saint Louis Blues team play center and record – Shane braden. Minnesota wild team center Erix Dole then made 54.679 seconds. But then came the Blues captain Arrakis Peter Ron Giro eyesight, almost every pass all hit the target, cheap nhl hockey jerseys with an overwhelming score of 46.610 won the champion of the link. (Central Division)

The goalkeeper will finish the challenge in succession

Pekka Rene against the Mets partition stars challenge, 13 consecutive shot saved by the opponent, until the nhl jerseys cheap trapeze captain Claude Giroux second appearances against Rene with volley.

Just as people think when Rene will no suspense to get this challenge victory, on behalf of the Pacific Division played Vegas Golden Knight Mark – Andre – Fowler Wright 14 consecutive saved the Atlantic partition offense, until now the scoring, the lightning team of Nicky – Kuche special love with beautiful fake pull the ball backhand shot Folleri, will record down to 14. (Pacific Division)

Ball control challenge

Ball master challenges this year there have been some changes, the players must first cross straight through 8 balls and a set of flags barrels, finally to pick the ball through 3 different height obstacles, the flame’s Jonny Goodlo first appearance, he only took 24.65 seconds through three challenges. Then Barkov, Carlsson and SAIJIN et al have in the last challenge to eat flat. The final appearance of the leading technology alliance and the popular king rod Patrick – Kaine Blackhawks once hope he succeeds, the speed in the first two challenges in strive, but at last, his several ball mistakes, Goodlo in the final performance of zero error wonderful take this link victory. (Pacific Division)

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