NHL All Star Game

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Do you care about them most?

NHL’s 3 – Day Christmas vacation soothes the nerves of the players and coaches, and the fans who have watched the 557 games have a breathing opportunity. Take the opportunity to watch the League laptimes fans can look forward to what will happen.

In from January 27 to 28, 2018, the league’s sixty-third all – Star celebration will be held at the Maria stadium at the Tampa Bay Lightning team at home. To the next offseason there is a period of time, so this time there will be news headlines which occupy NHL? How will the ranks of the team change? What other big events could happen? Well, let’s take a look at some of the things you have to pay attention to.

1. ice hockey biggest event – the gold Knight of Las Vegas

Yes, they are! The Golden Knight was 23 – 48 in the Pacific leading position this season. They had 3 games to play against the king of Losangeles, but they got 48 points. With the development of this season, their achievements are becoming more and more optimistic.

Since December 3rd, they have been in the Christmas month’s four consecutive and 8 – 0, 1 – plus times, but it will also make them hard. The Golden Knights in the next 12 games are 8, 7, 1, plus, and before the all star event, 10 of their 14 games are fought with the strong teams who break into the playoffs, including the following 5 games.

Next month is a challenge for Golden Knights. They have proved that they have the ability to cope with past difficulties, but you don’t know whether they can successfully cope with the next one.

2. discussion about the all star event

In the next two weeks of the upcoming NHL all – Star jerseys list, the discussion on the all – Star game is warming up quickly.

The NHL fan election will end in January 1st, and the number one player in each group will be the all star captain. In December 20th the vote is the metropolitan division of the capital’s Alex – Austria (Alex Ovechkin), Kim’s the Atlantic division of the Tampa Bay Lightning striker Steven Stamkos (Steven Stamkos), the central division of the Raiders defender cheap jerseys hockey P.K (P.K. Subban) and soubanh Pacific Division oil Mike David striker Connor (Connor McDavid).

The controversial part will be concentrated on the remaining 40 star players, each of which 10 will be selected for each race. Each team must send at least one player on behalf of the 31 teams, and all star teams will have 6 forwards, 3 defenders and 2 goalkeepers.

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