NHL alliance and Beijing Winter Olympics?

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Beijing Winter Olympics will promote the development of the market

Bill Dali, vice president of NHL, made the latest voice at the annual SXSW (southwest to South) conference. He talked about the issue of Chinese marketing and 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Let’s listen to what the vice president of NHL said: “I will not declare anything today, but I will say that this is a possibility for us to participate in Beijing Winter Olympic Games. We still have several years to make decisions.”

The Pingchang Olympics has just ended, the absence of NHL players and fans from the International Olympic Committee for the alliance’s criticism, but the reason as everyone knows: the Olympics will not only disrupt the normal schedule of the alliance, but also increased the risk of the players were injured, after the playoffs, this is the last five Olympic Winter Games are “lessons”. This year, the alliance has decided to decide the strategy to give up when the problem of capital has not been discussed.

As for the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing in 2022, although today there is still no fixed number, it can be imagined that a market with a population of 1 billion 400 million will not be ignored.

Daly said that before being refused to send players to participate in the Pingchang Winter Olympics, the team bosses have been done a long time thinking: “South Korea, we concluded that the negative factors caused by stroke will be greater than the positive factors, we hope to solve these problems before 2022…… There may be more positive factors in the Beijing Winter Olympics. ”

Yes, NHL must be brought to the market China business vision, some teams in the league has been in Beijing Shanghai city regularly held a training camp in September last year, brought the history of the first NHL Chinese match king and people for the fans, and the union Huaxi Group signed the agreement, will join hands to promote market.

In September of this year, NHL will re arrange two teams to continue the Chinese race. Daley said the alliance will try to balance the timing of North American and overseas competitions, and the team selection and schedule are now close to finalizing.

In addition, Daley also affirmed the potential of the Chinese players in the sport: “there are a lot of potential NHL fans jerseys, even players.”

“Now China may be one of the hottest markets in the world, and everyone wants to go in.” David Propp commented.

However, compared with other countries, our infrastructure level is near zero. Although Chinese now has a KHL team, but the number of registered players is still in a very low level, IIHF data show that Chinese currently registered players less than 12000, the infrastructure is the crux of the problem — the only 500 seat arena.

The alliance is ready to start from social media and provide real teaching and related equipment.

The media and the international strategic alliance executive vice president David Propp said: “we have seen in the NBA market China successful example, and for us, hundreds of Beijing school is the key, if can do, we can also put a few thousand high school hockey promotion to the sports class, the provides a way to lower the cost of the contact sport for children.”

In the words of Daley, the goal of NHL is to create long-term sense of presence in China, bring infrastructure and establish ice hockey culture instead of simply fishing.

“Not only is the ice rink, we will provide equipment and teaching. Unlike other overseas games, it is a new market for ice hockey jerseys that we have an obligation to help here. ”

The next four years, ice hockey, full speed.

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