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There are different promotion strategies. NHL and KHL will launch the war?

Sun Daye, the famous ice hockey commentator, commentator of Tencent NHL.

In October 2018, two major hockey leagues, NHL and KHL, launched their respective regular season plans around the world. The two alliances each have their own advantages, and have taken a very different approach in promoting competitions.

1. multi gold NHL relies on the club’s European players to enter the market.

NHL global tournament Sweden station

NHL is the world’s largest ice hockey league, and its economic ability is second to none in the world hockey range. Let me take a look at the 2018-19 season NHL alliance landing events and areas:

On October 1 and October 3, Germany and Switzerland also arranged two pre-season matches against local clubs. These landing areas are characterized by good economic conditions, mature ice hockey market, and the motherland of NHL team stars. Making use of top business events and the influence of stars to pull the European market (mainly in Nordic and Western Europe) is a major part of NHL’s global strategy.

In the winter of Sweden, we can see that in 2015 North American champion McDavide played European champion Sicil in 2017. The huge gimmick made the Swedish ball market have a warm market response.


2.KHL relies on geopolitical advantages to seek breakthroughs.

KHL world LDK also stands.

On October 28, 2018, KHL Continental Ice Hockey League held its KHL World Championship in Vienna. The title of “St. Petersburg Army (SKA) staged Masters’Competition in Vienna” was used on the front page of KHL’s official website to illustrate the importance of the competition to the league. On October 26, another league giant, the Moscow Central Red Army Club (CSKA), came to the venue to win the Slovakian team 9-0.

Will there be new collisions between 3.KHL and NHL jerseys cheap?

KHL World Championships invited Fasel, President of the International Hockey Federation, to come to watch. Chernishenko, Vice President of the League, Hans Schmidt, President of the Vienna Capital Club, and Gnolt Mittendover, President of the Austrian Ice Hockey Federation were accompanied. During the meeting, they began to discuss whether there was a chance to play against the top clubs in the NHL and KHL leagues.

Tarasov and the Red Army ice hockey team jerseys he created.

During the 2018 NHL China Tournament, NHL League President Bertman did not give a clear answer to whether NHL players jerseys could participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics when he was interviewed by domestic media. This makes the relationship between the international ice cream Federation, NHL and KHL more confusing.

Is NHL more appealing to its own interests than the two major alliances to work together to open up the market? After all, this plan looks like KHL will get more benefits than NHL. Can the best match between the top two clubs of the League be realized? The problem is now thrown to NHL chairman Bateman. If there is a result of this, it seems that the fastest time is to wait until the Finnish race of the 2018 NHL Global Race is over.

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