NHL Building a New Ice Hockey Course?

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The Senator plans to build a new stadium in the city centre

Senator Ottawa is planning to build a new stadium in the city centre. For them, the construction of the stadium is time-consuming, task-intensive and now difficult.

After four years of hard work, LeBreton Flats in Ottawa has been developed and the team plans to move downtown. But now the Land Resources Bureau said Thursday that team owner Eugene Melnick and his sports fund management group are suing their business partner Tritney Development Group for $700 million. The reason is that their joint venture did not develop apartments in the LeBreton area, which should have become players’new home in the city, and there was a serious conflict of interest between the two sides.

Senate owners Eugene Melnick and Executive Chairman John Rudy of Tritney Development Group are important partners in the relocation of the new stadium. “As I said at the NCC meeting, they have to come to an agreement and combine action with simplicity and clarity.” Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said at a news conference Thursday that he was one of the abstainers of the National Council of Citizens vote: “Otherwise, nobody knows what will happen in January next year.”

Melnick also issued a statement after the NCC issued a statement saying that Senators still hope to build a new arena in the city centre: “Since we put forward this proposal in 2014, we have been strongly supporting the establishment of a new sports and entertainment venue in the city centre, which is also an important municipal project. Now, our faith will not be shaken, and we will continue to work to achieve our vision.

Tritney Development Group has not yet issued any response to this statement. In January, the NCC announced that it had chosen the LeBreton Flats area, a few blocks south of Shanxi, to build apartments for players, with a large number of sites to be built. It was originally intended to build a new NHL jerseys china stadium, surrounding facilities and players’apartments.

Senator players are currently playing at Canadian Tire Center Stadium in Canada, far away. In recent years,jerseys team management has been in turmoil. Several executives have left, including former CEO/CEO Cyril Lieder and Tom Anselmi.

Mayor Watson saw the problem between Melnick and Rudy: “Let me put it this way. I witnessed the sparking cooperation. I hope they can work together and come up with a meaningful, feasible and implementable plan so that we can make a breakthrough in the construction of the new stadium, instead of the ongoing coordination between your two so-called’partners’.

In recent years, the Senate team has been trying to fill up their stadium in Canata, a stadium that can hold more than 20,000 people, often with large seats. It’s about 25 minutes west of Ottawa. During rush hour, it may take 45 minutes, so the team’s attendance rate has been low. In December 2016, Melnick threatened to move the team if ticket sales did not improve.

Last season, the Ottawa Senate team had a poor record, ranking last in the league. This season cheap Hockey jerseys they were expected to play in a younger and faster line-up, but the departure of the core players made the season’s prospects cloudy. The voice of fans “let Melnick go” spread through the streets of Ottawa.

Senator Ottawa’s path to reconstruction is long and obstructed, and it’s time to change. It’s imperative to move people to death, trees to live, and maybe a new stadium.

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