NHL China has great market potential

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NHL what is the success of the China tournament?

Market potential to promote the NHL China tournament

Tencent sports news, the first NHL China tournament will end in Beijing in September 23, 2017, but because of the previous success in Shanghai has been held, while the relevant activities are also methodically carried out. The authority of the media also believes that the NHL China match business development role is more obvious, the sports media giant ESPN quoted The Associated Press comments that this China match, especially in the first China match, actually played a more open market “astepping-stone to success”. Meanwhile, NHL official Nicholas J. Cotsonika also believes that the Chinese tournament is of great significance.

United States media that market development is an important motivation, the events of the first game, the king of Losangeles team 5 to 2 victory over the Vancouver Canucks, at the same time with the game and bring the audience Chinese Speechless thehearts hockey feast, 17 hits, 57 hit the goal range (shoot) of the shot, the color of the data in the the audience themselves at the same time, is enough to attract them in to keep the passion and love the future hockey.

In the first Chinese tournament, with the live DJ’s broadcast of both mascots, the deafening roar of the scene was exhilarating enough. In fact, this game, most of the fans are the first contact with ice hockey, the popularity of the site to help them a good depth of understanding and understanding of ice hockey.

As is known to all, China is a huge potential market with infinite potential behind it. Especially after the authorities encouraged and intended to attract 300 million people to participate in the ice and snow program before the Winter Olympics in 2022, and to become a new growth point in the sports industry, this provided the opportunity for the NHL in the subconscious. NHL also needs such powerful alliances and organizations to help China build and promote the development of ice hockey.

In lateral view, the current sports industry is still one of the Chinese industry although the traditional just unfolding, projects, such as basketball, tennis has been China landing for many years, Chinese are good at badminton has perfect league. But the interest of NHL provides opportunities and strength for the development of ice hockey jerseys in china.

On the evening of 21, a Canadian fan wearing a Toronto Maple Team Jersey said, “there are still many things to do with Chinese hockey players, and there is still a long way to go for Chinese hockey.”.” Kings coach Stevens said: “yes, we did not know how the atmosphere here before, though as far as I am concerned, is only the command team here, but I still hope to have more fans here, more fans love and love ice hockey.”

Of course, the NHL Chinese match with known star promotion stage is correct, such as basketball star Kobe, dressed in uniforms of the scene of a Miami female fans said, “I know Kobe is because NHL China match will come to China, but also because of his curiosity, to watch the game. Of course, I’m in love with this game now and I’ll watch more NHL games later.” “Tonight there are more foreigners than Chinese,” she added. “But I know China, and there are a lot of ice hockey fans coming to the scene, and that’s NHL’s chance.”.

As NHL Daly, Bill’s chief vice-president, said before the game, “now we’re going to play a foundation in the Chinese market in the form of a Chinese game jerseys.”. First of all, let more people appreciate and love hockey, we also hope to cooperate with the Chinese Skating Association and the Chinese government to dedicate our strength to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

The Chinese race is the first step, and for the alliance, it should stand firm and stride forward. China is currently the world’s most popular nation, has a population of over 1 billion 200 million, the first stop in Shanghai is an international metropolis, the center has a population of about 34000000, and the next Beijing City, is a large population of the city. On Saturday second Chinese tournament will start the Wukesong Arena.

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