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The golden Cavaliers changed their commander for the first time, and all star coaches could not escape from class

Garrett is the first coach of the golden Cavaliers and has been coaching them for three seasons. His greatest achievement was to lead the golden Cavaliers to the Stanley Cup finals in their first year. Just after joining the NHL League, Vegas made it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals. Although he lost to the Washington capital, he just joined the league and reached the finals, which also created a great miracle for the golden Cavaliers. In the face of the manager’s change, Fleury said: “it’s all crazy for me. For a team, a team, changing the coach is difficult. We have made the final decision. They are very sincere to us. The coach and the management have great respect for our players. I’ve never heard bad news in the team. They love the game, they love the rink. ”

After the NHL golden Cavaliers jerseys changed their manager, de Boer, who had just left the sharks this season, was appointed as the new manager. The management of the golden Cavaliers expressed great trust in the new manager.

This season, the NHL coach has been dismissed, and the teams have begun to “change” their managers. It’s just embarrassing for the head coach of the upper Pacific in the all star game. Even the All-Star coach is doomed, and the playoff competition this year can be a lesson.

After six years in the North American Hockey professional league (NHL), it reappears the magic scene of goalkeeper’s goal.

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