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NHL Finals G6 tickets are the most expensive in history! Beyond the Super Bowl, the second of the four major leagues

In the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final, the sixth game of the Boston Brown Bear VS St. Louis Blues Series was played at home. Prior to this game, the Blues team had won 3-2 leading points and could win the championship if they won one more game. For St. Louis, the people of the city are eager for a championship trophy. The enthusiasm of fans ignites the city of music, and at the same time, it also refreshes the record of NHL’s highest ticket price.

You may need to save a lot of money if you want to go to the blues home court to witness the blues nhl jerseys wholesale championship.

According to statistics, before the start of the Brown Bear VS Blue G6 competition, the average ticket price had reached $4290, and the lowest price was $2019, which was the most expensive ticket for the Stanley Cup final in NHL history. If you look at the four major leagues, you can also rank second, after the 2016 MLB World Series Chicago Bears and Cleveland Indians in the Seventh World War ($5,300 on average). Beyond the 2018 NFL Super Bowl Philadelphia Eagle VS New England Patriot ($4081 on average). As time went on, it was reported that the lowest fare had risen to $2438 the day before the competition.

In the 2018 season, the Blues team started poorly and even ranked bottom in the League at the beginning. However, after adjustment, the team broke out with amazing fighting power. After beating Winnipeg Jets 4-2 in the playoffs, Dallas Star 4-3 in the playoffs, and San Jose Sharks 4-2 in the Western Finals, the Blues became the first team to reach the bottom of the league and the final in the season since expansion.

Today, the whole city of St. Louis is empty lanes. According to Professor Rosen, a journalist from Tencent Sports Group, on Weibo, more than 50,000 fans gathered outside the stadium before the game, hoping that the Blues team would win its first Stanley Cup in half a century. However, after a long battle, the brown bears beat the blues 5-1 away and dragged the game into the Seven World Cups. The fans of the blues team wanted to witness the dream of winning the championship at home.

For Blues fans who spent a lot of money on high-priced tickets, today’s team’s big loss is a nightmare. Next time the two sides move to Boston TD North Bank Garden nhl jerseys china, whatever the outcome, the Stanley Cup championship of the 2018 season will be won or lost. It’s not whether Boston’s ticket prices will set a new record at that time.

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