NHL game jerseys and Dota2 ?

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NHL and Dota2 are closely linked through the hall

Dota2 official announced in March 16th that this year’s Dota 2 Ti8 (dota2 international invitational tournament) will be held in August 20th this year, August 20th, 25, at the Rodgers stadium, Vancouver, Canada. And it’s also the home of the NHL veteran in Vancouver.

Why do you choose Vancouver?

The Canucks entered the seventy years of age (built in 1945, he was the youth team) in the home court (completed in 1995) for a period with the junior tournament (Dota2 Ti tournament held in 2011).

The three generation of combination of the old, do not know will give NHL and Dota2 brings new elements of what.

Coincidentally, the first NHL18 world championship competition held by NHL and EA sports was also registered yesterday.

I don’t know, the two will be wiping sparks in August.

The Dota2 Ti event has been in the key club in Seattle for the past four years. You’re right! It’s the home of the once sonic home and the future NHL team in Seattle.

Why did Dota2 officials choose the Rodgers stadium in Vancouver?

There are three reasons for guessing

First: the key club is preparing to refurbish the NHL team, which may be the main cause.

Second: Vancouver is very close to Seattle, 230 kilometers, and it takes only 2~3 hours to drive.

Third: the stadium competition is rich in experience and large capacity. Renovated in 2006 after the facilities for organized games.

At the same time, the ProStar LED display on the home team must be a bonus.

Considering the key in Seattle stadium renovation, the move to Vancouver, the official Dota2 may also have long settled in the idea of Rodgers.

It has held the 1998 NBA show conference and the 2006 NHL show jerseys conference.

In 1998, the 20 – year leader of the solo team, Noveski and “flying man” Vince – Carter, were selected here by the team to start the NBA career.

The 2006 NHL draft also star studded Blackhawks star, NHL players jerseys union chairman Tefors and general Kaiser, Pittsburgh penguins are selected in the first round.

China fudihu

Although, hosted so many classic sports events, but Rodgers stadium held a large tournament is the first time.

From $1 million 600 thousand in bonuses in 2011 to over $24 million last year. Dota2 Ti events either in attention or money attraction are Guanjue gaming circles, the gaming circles of the “Stanley Cup” is China marine paradise. The Chinese team won the championship in 2012, 2014, 2016, and the three even years. It reminds us of the Western alliance “odd Black Hawk, even King” in the past few years.

In 2010, the Chinese delegation took 5 gold, 2 silver and 4 copper at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, which created the best record of the Olympic Games. At the same time, a large number of Chinese in Vancouver joined the team. They participated in the first NHL China competition in 2017. In February 18, 2018, the Canadian team played before the home team and the brown bear team. Over the Chinese Rodgers stadium, held a series of commemorative activities from the spring, dragon and lion dances, Chinese singer to sing, and to commemorate the first Chinese player Wu Qiguang (NHL Larry Kwong). The Canucks field is a joint Chinese designer of the year of spring elements in Jersey.

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