NHL has a century of birth

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See how the teams for the league’s birthday

For ice hockey fans, 2017 is a special year. We not only welcomed NHL for the first time to come to China, but also witnessed the North American Hockey League’s 100th years. More than six months, the official NHL has announced a hundred years of history, the peak moment of 100 star (Greatest Moments) and other selected interactive activities, this weekend, the North American Hockey League officially ushered in the 100 birthday, not only a wonderful game fully staged, the official documentary “hundred years” (NHL The NHL: 100 YEARS) issue it is the Centennial activities to a climax. And the teams, too, celebrate the league’s 100 – year birthday in a variety of ways, and see what they have said.

As the defending champion Pittsburgh penguins, won the Stanley cup in NHL years to the occasion, they must have more reason to celebrate this birthday, special team made a short video, video of the penguin mascot Iceburgh we made a surprise birthday party, and with a super big cake with team and NHL pattern naked temptation to you.

The Buffalo Sabres players engage in a special whistle race ladder, of course, they do not forget to bless NHL100 Happy birthday.

Minnesota wild, San Jose Sharks, Vancouver Canucks, Ottawa senators have shared their lovely GIF alliance party.

Nashville predators, Calgary flames, Colorado avalanche, Dallas stars, New York Rangers nhl jerseys cheap, Philadelphia flying men and Tampa Bay Lightning recall the glorious past of the team, together with NHL, looking forward to the next 100 years.

Toronto maple leaf is more dreamy colors, the team in the design draft it is under a lot of effort.

The other Canadian team, Edmonton oil people, was more direct.

Losangeles king of Anze – Kobe tal is embrace the three layer cake, on behalf of the team for the League to send a birthday gift, the gift he pocketed is likely to end up.

Compared to Kobe, the Montreal Canadian forward Alex Gal Yisi Ni Ark’s cake is slightly more normal.

Boston, Florida, New York puma Bear Island, New Jersey devils, Detroit Red Wings Winnipeg jets were used video expressed wishes, which adorable pet cute mascot, a player or tight or funny forced the interview, as well as the red wings so simple and crude 50 Fen effects, at this point, the devil is clearly better.

Las Vegas new army Golden Knights may feel deeper, they first NHL centenary added a fresh blood at the beginning of the season, the tragedy will be the heart of alliance together, plus made such dazzling achievements, constantly refresh the League record and the gold Knight said, “I wish we love the NHL jerseys Happy birthday, thank you for joining the golden knight!”

In addition to all teams, fans from all over the world celebrate NHL’s 100 years of their own way. For them, supporting a team and watching a game is the memorable beauty in life.

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