NHL: North American Hockey League 11 players new crown test positive

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NHL North American Hockey League 11 players new crown test positive, refused to release player information

More than 200 players have been tested for DNA since the league’s team reopened training facilities, and 11 have tested positive for new coronavirus, the NHL said in a statement on Friday.

NHL said it has tested more than 200 players for new titles since it began allowing teams to start training on a small scale earlier this month.

The NHL statement said: “all players who have tested positive have been quarantined and are in compliance with the agreement between the US CDC and the Canadian Department of health. NHL will update the number and results of athletes’ tests every week. The League will not provide information about the player or his team. ”

NHL more than 200 players retraining

The National Hockey League (NHL) today announced that,

Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, NHL3 announced on 13 May to suspend the remaining 2019-2020 season. Before that, NBA jazz player Gerber’s new crown test was positive, and NHL teams had shared a stadium with jazz team.

On May 27, NHL announced its return to the season plan. According to the schedule of NHL’s restart plan, the league has entered the first stage since the suspension of the season on March 13, and all teams are suggested to isolate themselves as much as possible. The second phase, from now until early June, will allow players to return to their home base, but only for small-scale, voluntary ice and land training. The third phase is not earlier than early July, and the formal training camp will be opened under the guidance of medical and civil authorities. In the fourth stage, all 24 playoff teams will be gathered in two key cities to participate in the round robin and promotion games to determine the East and West Seed seats.

On June 8, NHL began to allow players to return to the home team’s venues for training. After that, New York Islanders, Toronto Maple Leaf team, Edmonton oil man, golden Cavaliers and other teams began to resume training. In order to ensure the health and safety of players, all training should be strictly controlled to no more than 6 players.

After the start of the second phase, NHL requires all players who voluntarily return to training to carry out nucleic acid testing. NHL announced the results today. So far, more than 200 players have been tested for nucleic acid, and 11 of them are positive. At present, all the players tested positive have been isolated.

NHL said it would update its progress and results every week. As for whether to open the training camp in early July as planned, NHL did not give a clear answer.

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