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7 days a week, 7 games without missing anything wonderful

2017-18 season NHL regular season continues, this week will also be in the member broadcast platform to bring you 7 games for competition, please pay attention to.

In November 27th 3:00 Vancouver with vs of the New York Rangers recording

The Vancouver people continue their long road trip, and they will challenge the recent very good Rangers, who lost only 1 Games in 10 games in November, so the game will bring great challenges to the team. The front still maintained a four increase on the front balanced attack, first Bo – supernova Bullock Horvath and boesel play is still the key of the team. The Rangers also rely on the four line output, but the team’s recent fire reduced, people probably will usher in the hope of winning.

In November 28th 8:30 Columbo vs Montreal Canadiens blue

NHL members live 7 days a week, 7 games, do not miss any wonderful

The Canadian finished the game with a buffalo knife at home, and the goalkeeper Preiss, nhl jerseys cheap who returned from injury, got his fortieth career and brought great inspiration to the team’s morale. But they have to face rivals has won 6 consecutive blue team, the two sides contest the first leg of the season, the blue team in overtime 2-1 away to beat the Canadians, this competition team will continue to bring in the defensive end this outstanding performance is questionable, at the same time on the offensive end, Canadians scored currently in the league in the countdown to the first face of the season, save rate is as high as 93.5%, ranking first in the League – Sergei Bob Lovskey, Canadian attack worrying.

At 10:00 on November 29th, Toronto maple leaves vs Calgary flame

This season, the two team in the offensive end of the most exciting team pedestria, flames of a group of recent firepower, Sean Monaghan, Jonny goodloe and Meckel fairlamb is currently the best striker in the League state group, 3 scored 14 goals in 6 games. The maple leafs, their recent state is not good, the past 4 games only scored 1 victories, offensive play is very unstable, in addition to James van Limusidaike and Patrick Marlowe, the team no player in the past two weeks and scored two goals, the team needs the injury of Mathews can lead to better performance, they can only a group of outstanding performance, do not fall under can fight on the offensive end and in flames.

At 8:30 on November 30th, Senator vs of Montreal, Ottawa, Canada

Since Sweden returned after senator has experienced six straight, the game is the first game after their 3 days after the cheap jerseys nhl rest of the Canadian team is facing the old rival, than mustering the strength to defeat opponents, to reverse the recent decline. The attack is an urgent problem that Senator, in the six game losing streak, the team did not match more than two goals, the team finally abandoned the 7 guard play, but not to the dilemma brought a fundamental change, in addition to the two fighter Hoffman Stone and other players, the team in the past two weeks, no one scored more than 1 therefore, the game with the same attack the Canadians, who can break the bottleneck will be the key to the game.

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