NHL jerseys and EA to enter the gaming?

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NHL EA to hold the championship, enter the gaming is real or water?

NHL yesterday announced that it will cooperate and EA sports NHL18, held the first world championship game, the game began enrollment from March 27th, June to decide the championship and the Stanley cup almost simultaneously.

NHL from the beginning of 2017 can be described as radical moves constantly, out of the local road, Broadaxe buildup. If it wasn’t for the refurbishment of the key stadium in Seattle, we might have seen the NFL of 32 teams this season. NHL has now actively embrace gaming.

In recent years, with the growth of the millennial generation, the ratings of all sports events in North America have begun to decline. The younger generation has much more interest in video games than traditional sports. In the United States, the average age of NHL viewers grew by 16 years compared with 2000. The trend of aging in North America is clearly detrimental to the long-term development of the sport. The rise of the European League, such as KHL, has made NHL face a strong rival in the other three major alliances.

Under such a background, developing NHL18 games can be said a necessity. Even if the younger generation still doesn’t watch a complete NHL ratio on TV, it’s a good path to let young generation understand NHL and let them search for NHL on Internet and social media, and finally turn it into NHL fans.

NHL series of games, updated annually, usually at the end of 8, the beginning of the September launch. Starting from NHL14, the game changes every year is to update the list, NHL15 and 17 because of quality and operation problems, and also by the players. The latest NHL18 EA has finally begun to change, adding the 3v3 pattern. This is also a more popular game in the all star game. At the same time, this model is less difficult than the traditional ice hockey match.

Compared with other games, the characteristics of ice hockey make the NHL jerseys china series more suitable for gaming, fast-paced game, play less, smooth process, is the advantage of the ice hockey games gaming. After all, a gaming competition and a real sports game is a big difference. You expect the commercials in a game gaming competition, presumably the audience’s attitude will explode. At the same time, the NHL series is also very reasonable because of the time arrangement. A game 20 minutes, 10 minutes will not make people feel a procrastination in time. Almost no foul ball, also makes the game more compact, which is compared to the FIFA series of advantages.

If so, from the perspective of E-sports game. Although ice hockey in the world is still far from basketball, football even woman and children all know that. In the game market, there are no NFL, so many NBA players in North America. However, the game is better than the NHL gaming rugby in vision, basketball and football project.

NHL and EA sports to this broad road?

They need to solve the following problems.

An unstable game. Every successful gaming no matter what type of game, first, he must be a qualified and fair game. As mentioned in the previous article, the quality problem of the NHL series is not two days a day. NHL series of pictures are unparalleled, but the operation and the quality of the game have been a problem. Besides, EA’s main push mode “Hockey UT” mode is becoming more and more money like other EA series games. Will it affect the enthusiasm of players in the long run?

The player cardinal number. The lack of ice hockey fans causes the lack of base of NHL players, especially though NHL has the big market in North America, but in North American sports games, compared with other sports games, NHL is still a small group. Even worse, for the ice hockey jerseys frenzy of Europe, the North American and European players could hardly be happy at the same time, because of the time difference. What’s more, there is a more popular competition in Europe and other sports games such as FIFA.

In a word, the design of NHL game of hockey game rules and EA, make NHL games gaming of the future. But the key factor in destroying the road is EA’s optimization and intentions for the game. In this respect, EA is more responsible than NHL. After all, the essence of this game is “EA Taiwan, NHL”.

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