NHL Jerseys continues: New York Islanders home vs Tampa Bay Lightning

By • Jun 21st, 2021 • Category: Hockey Jerseys Canada

NHL Islanders offensive and defensive two-line prowess 3-2 defeated Lightning tied the big score

The NHL continues to fight. The New York Islanders wholesale nhl jerseys beat the visiting Tampa Bay Lightning team 3-2 at Nassau stadium, bringing the score to a 2-2 draw.

Lightning in the previous game won two games in a row, the islanders on the scene has always been passive, the lightning team played a familiar rhythm of the game. The islanders can’t limit kucherov’s performance by defense. Before the game, islanders coach Barry trotz focused on his attack group 2 and asked them to show better performance.

As soon as the first quarter came up, the lightning team continued to fight for the start. Goodrow and Hedman’s successive hits were all solved by vallamov. After the islanders’ round of collision worked, the lightning team Keelung and cotton’s successive hits were all saved by vallamov. Then the lightning team cotton and Coleman hit the goal continuously, which was solved by vallamov. Then the two teams fell into a stalemate.

In the second quarter, the islanders strengthened their individual dribbling after entering the blue line, which really worked. In 17 minutes and 57 seconds, the islanders made a contribution by counterattacking. Peleher made a cross from the bottom of the left road, kratbach padded from the front point to the back point, and Matt Martin scored in the top corner of the goal. In the second quarter, the islanders led lightning 3-0.

In the third quarter, Tampa Bay lightning jerseys cheap also strengthened the control of the ball in the front court, gave up the attack on the goal they had been using before, and controlled the rhythm of the game by carrying the ball. This change also achieved good results. 3 minutes 45 seconds, Puan in the line after the slow shaking with the ball, suddenly hit the ball from the bar, 6 minutes 43 seconds, the lightning team Taylor – Johnson grabbed the rebound after a series of shaking the ball into. In the last few seconds, the lightning team nearly scored the equaliser, and the Islander guard Pollock played in front of the goal. The goalkeeper blocked the lightning’s empty goal with his hand. In the end, the islanders beat lightning 3-2.

The two teams will nhl jerseys cheap compete for the fifth time in two days at the amber center in Tampa Bay.

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