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Believe it or not? This group of small fresh meat under the age of 20

Since the end of 1977 World Youth start-up, 12 per year to January of the following year at the beginning of NHL scouts have become active when they are likely to find some dazzling figure in the championship game, which has become a hot candidate for next year NHL draft. Under the banner of the IIHF World Championship will be the world’s top 20 and younger players gathered together, a lot of play best players in the world championship has become a gangster Chizha NHL Fengyun after the Golden Knights goalkeeper Mark Andre Fleury, Canadian goalkeeper Carrie Preiss, Senator Carlson, defender Eric King defender Drew dowdie, and Pittsburgh, New York, Washington, Penguin Island capital striker Malkin, Lester, Ovici Kim and Srivastava, one of the best players in the league, has been in the world championship had excellent performance.

2018 World Youth Championship in December 26th will be held on 5 -1 between the host, the United States and Canada, Finland, Slovenia, Denmark was first half, the second half region of Sweden, Russia, Czech, Switzerland, Belarus players compete. At that time, more than ten players from five countries are expected to become the focus of attention of NHL scouts. It is most likely to be selected by teams at the June 2018 draft conference held in Dallas. Let’s look at what meat producers are on the list.

Alexander – Alexeyev (Alexander Alexeyev, guard, Russia, 1999)

The left hand holding rod of the Russian defender currently playing for the WHL (Western Hockey League), 28 appearances this season has been 18 points (3 goals and 15 assists), he had lived in St Petersburg for two seasons with CSKA youth team, and also selected a Russian U18 national team, Alexeyev has a physical quality is an advantage, dribbling ability, attack ability is very good defender.

Brahms – Darin (Ramus Dahlin, defender, Sweden, 2000)

The 17 year old Darin has become a star player in the Swedish national team, on the strength and value of Yan does not strive, he has been from the beginning of 2013, the Swedish national team conscribe, U16, U18, U20 three line of battle, the Swedish youth team coach Thomas (Tomas Monten) – Montreal for his admiration. “He has a strong match coasting ability can not only have a very good defensive performance in some difficult areas, is also a force of good players, but Darin’s body is very strong, I want to have a 3-5, he would become a world-class defender of color.” Rams nhl jerseys – Darin also had a remarkable performance in the Swedish League, with 11 points (5 goals and 6 assists) in 26 games, with an efficiency value of +2.

Quentin – Hughes (Quintin Hughes, guard, United States, 1999)

In 2016, Hughes to follow the U.S. won U18 Championship gold medal that year, he was named one of the best players for the team TOP3. He has shown the speed of the NHL player level, the quick response ability, the ball dealer, and the ability to control the ball in various areas. Although Hughes is not a big one, it makes him more agile. At present, Hughes ranked seventh in the 2018 draft prediction ranking. In the past two seasons, he fought for NCAA at University of Michigan. He scored 1 goals and contributed 9 assists this season.

Vitale clough Niyazov (Vitali Kravtsov, right, Russia, 1999)

The height of 187 Russian teenager will usher in his 18 birthday in December 23rd, Clough Geoff played for the Chelyabinsk KHL tractor nhl team jerseys, in the last season with the team in the first round of the playoffs, it was a week rookie of the year, as well as the continental Hockey League Youth League all star team this season, making 24 appearances and scored 3 goals in the KHL. 3 assists, is a balanced offensive and defensive player, and has an excellent speed advantage.

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