NHL jerseys holds land ice hockey training in China

By • May 3rd, 2021 • Category: NHL Jerseys News

NHL held land ice hockey training in China, with more than 1000 primary and secondary school teachers participating.

On April 30, the online course of land ice hockey initiated by NHL (North American ice hockey professional league) for China was successfully completed. The course lasted for four months, and nearly 1200 people signed up for the course. Among them, 414 people took part in the final examination, and 263 people passed and obtained the final certificate.

This course aims to promote and popularize ice hockey to primary and secondary school teachers in China jerseys, and help them learn and master how to teach students the basic skills of land ice hockey. The course is taught online, with a total of 12 class hours. The course content starts from the warm-up and project basis, covering the basic ball control, passing, shooting technical guidance, and finally enables the students to have the ability to organize a formal land ice hockey game.

Ji Zhi, a trainer authorized by NHL, said that NHL jerseys Canada has been carrying out ice hockey popularization in China for several years. This training is a course specially designed for popularizing ice hockey in China. “Starting from teacher training, we can help teenagers get more access to land ice hockey, thus greatly reducing the threshold of participation in the project and making children more interested in ice hockey, Experience the joy of ice hockey. ”

For teachers or students who want to know more about the sport, Ji Zhi also has a further teaching plan: “in the future, we will plan more and more offline activities, and online courses will also have further development. At present, the second phase has been planned.”

The trained teachers generally agree with the online teaching, and many teachers have begun to lead the students to carry out land ice hockey activities in the school.

Song Min, Secretary General of Harbin Ice Hockey Association, said that land ice hockey is an excellent form for ice hockey to enter the campus. It can make teachers and students who have never been in contact with ice hockey understand the sport before, and every child can participate in it in this simple and easy way, which has played a positive role in promoting the popularization of ice hockey. She looks forward to the future of land ice hockey as a compulsory course on campus, and cultivate a group of professional team of land cheap ice hockey jerseys.

From April 24 to 25, with the assistance of Hebei Ice Hockey Association, Baoding Sports Bureau held the offline training meeting of this course in Baoding No.1 middle school. Many teachers who have participated in online training have gathered together to communicate with Ji Zhi. The teachers picked up the clubs at the scene, repeated practical exercises, and carried out a small competition.

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