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NHL hundred years documentary release

Imperceptibly in the NHL regular season and the end of a fierce competition for a week, the end of this week not only represents the end of November 2017, it means that the NHL alliance is on the history of the development of 101st years, the league in Montreal a world hockey movement and the pattern of 100 years ago was born. In the next 100 years, NHL Union through continuous growth, has become the world hockey talent show their strength of the stage, this week’s NHL the first focus on the official NHL 100 years commemoration.

In Canada on Sunday local time, the official NHL documentary “hundred years” NHL (The NHL:100 YEARS) will be released before the release of the promotion campaign, “hockey great” of the film with Gretzky high expectations, he said: “this film revealed many stories I don’t have ice hockey know. ”

The documentary released this year will be NHL Centennial activities to a climax, coupled with previously published 100 star, the peak moment of history in vain (Greatest Moment) voting and other activities, this year, the NHL alliance is hard enough for the 100 year celebration is. After all, it’s not easy for a sports league or event to run for 100 years, experiencing ups and downs, booms and crises.

It is reported that the film will be passed four chapters within 2 hours, each section will break the limitations of every 25 years in nhl jerseys cheap the development of NHL. Or, to the traditional documentary chronicles, will be divided into four parts: initial stage, the original six teams, expansion period and contemporary hockey show NHL100 years the process of development of the bit to the audience. In these two hours, the audience can not only review the ice hockey master’s passing style, but also fully appreciate the charm of NHL’s past 100 years of development to the ice hockey sport.

When it comes to NHL’s 100 year special time node, Steve, chief vice president of the alliance, cheap nhl jerseys said: “it’s wise to make such a documentary, and let people now remember that ice age.”. NHL has gone through the first 100 years of its development, which is of great historical significance. ”

Outside the film, as an actor in the movie, actor Jon, an actor in advertising madman, is also an ice hockey fan. In the NHL century celebration bluntly: “NHL to 100 years is not easy, this is Wayne (Gerets Ki) should not be ignored, for his position as Jordan hockey and Larry Byrd for basketball, if Gerets Ki is not a long career, maybe it is very difficult in the League will now have the such a high degree of concern. In other words, his appearance made NHL no longer a simple ice hockey player, and his influence was already greater than the ice hockey itself.

As a “hockey great” in his time Gretzky, won the hearts of countless boys and girls, he also said: “I can play for NHL is lucky, when I was a child, I would love to see George Armstrong and Jean Billy’s play, and they can be the same the player is my honor. “Without doubt, the 4 man who won the championship for the Edmonton oil man, and retired 99 shirt from the NBA, is a worthy legend of the league.

As a fan, ham added: “Gerets Ki is the player who does his best in every game and can help the team win.”. At the same time, I think his dedication to ice hockey will also inspire these young players represented by Connor Mike Dafydd and Oswald Mathews. “

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