NHL makes major adjustments to the competition system this season

By • Feb 15th, 2021 • Category: Hockey Jerseys Canada

In response to the epidemic, NHL has made major adjustments to the competition system this season.

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After a long wait for the fans, the new NHL season of 2020-21 finally started on January 14, Beijing time. cheap hockey jerseys Affected by the epidemic, the regular season has shrunk from 82 games in the past to 56 games, which will last until May 9, Beijing time.

In order to deal with the epidemic situation, this season’s competition system has made great adjustments compared with previous seasons: the pre-season competition has been cancelled this season, and the formal competition will be held after the end of the training camp. The League re zoned to deal with the epidemic: seven Canadian teams were divided into North, and the rest of the US teams were divided into West, middle and East according to their geographical location. In this season’s regular season, teams will only play other teams in the same division. All U.S. teams will play eight games with the same opponent in the same division, while seven Canadian teams in the north will play nine or ten games with the same opponent in the same division.

The playoff system is also relatively simple. The playoff series still adopts the 7-game-4-win system. The nhl jerseys cheap teams in the top four of each division advance to the playoffs and play the first on the fourth and the second on the third. After two rounds of series, each division will decide a division champion team. After that, according to the results of the regular season, the four division champion teams will be re ranked, and then a one-on-four, two on three duel, until the final championship. The playoffs are expected to end in mid July, so that next season will return to its normal schedule.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the new team Seattle sea monster will join next season. At the end of this season, the Seattle sea monster selection is expected to be held on July 21, U.S. time, before which teams need to determine the list of their protected players. Next season’s draft is expected to be held from July 23 to 24, us time, while the free agent market will open on July 28.

The season has been going on for nearly a month. At present, due to the current epidemic prevention and control policy of the league, the schedule of many teams has been postponed. The New Jersey Devils game will not resume until February 6, us time. The Minnesota wilds game will be postponed until February 9. The Colorado Avalanche team jerseys, which has played well this season, is suspended until February 11, us time. Each team has played about 10 games, and the ranking of points is as follows.

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