NHL new army develops ice hockey sports app

By • Oct 17th, 2021 • Category: Hockey Jerseys Canada

In the digital age, data collection and analysis are increasingly emphasized in the operation of events and venues, which also drives the development of a number of related companies. The Los Angeles Dodgers recently reached a cooperation with waittime, an artificial intelligence solution provider, to improve the service level on home game day through their services. NHL’s new Seattle sirens even developed an application for home fans.

On the other hand, the recent developments of LeBron James and Kevin Durant also deserve attention. James became the brand ambassador of family fitness brand tonal, and Durant reached a two-year cooperation agreement with NBA top shot developer dapper labs. Although the cooperation categories are different, their cooperation actually covers product R & D and content production. For sports stars in the new era, taking endorsements is no longer simply doing things with money, but deeply participating.

Recently, MLB Los Angeles Dodgers have reached a cooperation with waittime, an artificial intelligence solution provider. The team will use waittime’s services to improve the viewing experience of home fans.

Waittime can provide a solution for crowd observation automation to help venue operators quickly understand the gathering place and queuing time of crowds in the museum. Through waittime’s solution, the Dodgers can understand the moving track and activity content of fans at each specific time, and further improve the cheap nhl jerseys operation efficiency and service level of the venue.

The new NHL Seattle sirens will officially participate in the 2021-22 season. In order to meet the needs of home fans, the team has specially developed an application.

This application is called “Kraken + climate plot arena”. Fans can not only ask any questions related to the team, events and venues through this application, but also order shopping directly in the venues, eliminating the waiting time of queuing for orders.

It is worth mentioning that fans who have purchased season tickets or single game tickets can generate a QR code wholesale jerseys nhl through this application. With this QR code, they can take Seattle light rail, bus and other public transport for free.

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