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October 5th fully open ice hockey feast

In the 2017-18 season, the NHL regular season is about to start in Beijing on October 5th. As the official partner of NHL’s digital media in China, will the Tencent bring you any exciting events? Let’s see it first.

Thursday, October 5th

8:00-11:00 Saint Louis vs Pittsburgh Blues Penguin free screenings commentary: Sun Daye and He Huan

10:00-13:00 Calgary fire vs Edmonton oil crew screenings: Pei Bin

Friday, October 6th

7:30-10:30 Washington DC, vs, Ottawa Senator free commentary: Pei Bin

8:30-11:30 Pittsburgh vs Chicago Blackhawks membership number Penguin commentary: He Huan

Saturday, October 7th

7:00-10:00 vs, the New York Rangers Columbo nhl jerseys cheap blue membership commentary: Rosen.

8:30-11:30 Vegas gold Knight vs Dallas star free screenings of commentary: Pei Bin and Sun Daye

Sunday, October 8th

7:00-10:00 Nashville vs Pittsburgh Raiders Penguin member screenings commentary: Rosen

10:30-14:30 vs, king of Losangeles, San Jose Sharks free commentary: Li Longmou

Monday, October 9th

7:00-10:00 Montreal Canadians vs New York Rangers jerseys nhl free commentary: He Huan

Tuesday, October 10th

7:30-10:30 Washington Capital vs Tampa Bay Lightning member commentary: Rosen

9:00-12:00 Winnipeg jet vs Edmonton oil free episode commentary: Li Longmou

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