NHL new season many players punished by the League

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The new season hit 4 times with pole strikes

2017-18 season, NHL modified with stroke (Slashing) rules, fine scale more stringent, the start of the season so far, a number has increased nearly 4 times over the same period last year with the rod hit, the players seemed at the process to adapt to the new rules, but in recent games, the far than rod hit more serious foul, and the League without mercy, this eleven were punished.

Last week, Philadelphia’s and the Winnipeg jets game, Michael defender does – gudas game in the first quarter of 9 to 50 seconds, there was a serious foul with stroke, when the number of players competing in the wall, Radko gudas in jet – striker Mathieu – Luo Pei Wuqiu case with rod deliberately hit the Perot neck, gudas was given a 5 minute penalty, today the League nhl jerseys online after further review, made a 10 match ban on gudas.

The new season hit 4 times with pole strikes! Many players were punished by the Alliance

In the Nashville and Colorado Raiders avalanche in the game, Raiders striker Austen Watson suffered from charges, also receive a 5 minute penalty in the game, but also in the League after making the decision to suspend him two. The foul occurred in the first quarter of 11 minutes, Watson in a back in the team – Toni Dominic reckless heavy avalanche rothschild.

Last week’s game against the Red Wings home court flame, there is more serious foul,nhl jerseys news the outbreak of the conflict between two teams of players involved in the fight, the red wings forward Luke Victor Khodorkovsky is sent off by the referee in case of unauthorized return to the site again in the melee, his irrational behavior, has been banned for automatic the punishment by the act of union. According to regulation 70.6, “any player who has been sent back to the locker room, if he has returned to the court or bench for any reason outside the prescribed time limit, will be automatically banned for 10 games, regardless of the regular season or playoffs.”.” Witt koves Ki was the NBA for and participation in the fight, the flame striker Matthew Cukor tecka, has also been a ban.

These players will not only be suspended, also faced with varying degrees of fine, in addition, saber defender Marco Sikandailayin with stroke Penguin striker Patrick Hong Kuisi, was fined $five thousand; Shark – Maiyeyin with Hou Weimai striker Timothy Kerr elbowed Del Giazzotto has been fined $2400, there are dozens of players for a foul have different degrees of punishment, ice, such as the battlefield, but still need to control emotions, to ensure safety is the player must follow.

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