NHL New Year Special Edition

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Look at how the stars speak to the old

The 2017-2018 season NHL regular season ended a week of fierce competition, and this weekend, due to the holiday relationship. NHL teams will have a short break after the end of Saturday’s game. And that’s why all the teams in the league are going to play today. It also made this competition one of the more busy games of the season. In this period, we will also take the new year as the theme and review the hot spots in the paddock of the past week, as well as the NHL jersey.

The ice – Gold News Knight: Game audience love season good price

Since the start of the season, if the vote is to be selected, the rise of the team is beyond the expectations of the fans. I believe the Cavaliers will definitely Weijiasijin Union Army accounted for most of the fans vote. This team at the beginning of the season did not be favored by the majority of the fans, in this season, the strength and level of the game has been shocking. At present, the new army ranks second in the Pacific, and there is no big problem in the playoffs if it is in the 2018 continuation of the current hot state.

The team has a good record, which brings the ball Market and the seat rate. Plus, the team is back to the gambling city of Las Vegas, where the consumption capacity of the residents is outstanding. In this situation, the adjustment of ticket prices is coming.

According to the local media in Las Vegas, although the team’s performance is not known at present, it is clear that the price increases must be made in the team’s ticket price plan next season. According to the plan, in the next season, the average ticket price for a single game at home will be from $5 to $15 per seat. As a loyal fans praised the season tickets, fans also need to spend more than $1200 this season. However, in this scheme is not affected by the fans, the team that has purchased the ticket holders for many years. This part of the fans will not be affected by the fare adjustment.

The record is the soaring gold Cleveland made important data for the price adjustment, as well as the new army in the history of gold, the Cavaliers have to write their own stories in his debut season, because of the strong, gold Knight’s home court arena attendance is also more than expected T-Mobile. So the price rise is also a matter of time.

The stars welcome the new year: Ovici Kim strides into the new history

Speaking of the league this season each team player, Russian player’s performance is really exciting, not only led the Tampa Bay Lightning in the League all win the kucherov, there is the “Olympic Aoweiqijin bye”. The comparison between Ovici Kim and Crosby has been the league’s most fans love to discuss, about two people who had the strongest voice from the beginning of the 05 year has not stopped, even Connor Mike Dafydd – the bright younger generation to challenge them, the fans will still make discussion between Qijin Orville and Crosby.

This season, at the end of the 2017 season, fans will find that Ovici Kim has the advantage of two people in this period. So far,cheap jerseys for sale Ovici Kim has scored 23 goals. And he himself was 32 years old, and at that age he has moved to another achievement. That is to be the fifth player who has scored more than 50 goals in a single season after 32.

Previously it was the 1971-72 season, Bobby – Hull (Bobby Hull), at the age of 33, he scored 50 goals in 78 games in the 1970-71 season; 35 year old Johnny (Johnny Bucyk) – Booker 78 games with 51 goals; the 2005-06 season, the 33 year old Czech resident Jagl (James Luo Mier Jaromir Jagr) in the 82 matches he netted 53 goals and 1974-75 season, the 32 year old Phil – Esther postow (Phil Esposito) 78 games 61 goals.

In the back of the game Riovici Kim continued the goal efficiency, it is not difficult to accomplish this goal. The data show that Ovici Kim’s chance to create and threaten the chances of scoring in the 5 – to 5 regular game against the situation is second high in his personal career.

This season as “Austrian bye eleventh season, to grasp the opportunity ability has been restored to the comparable level before.wholesale jerseys But compared to add a personal achievement, believe “Austria bye more want to take a look back on the past, the Stanley cup, Crosby Ovici Kim led the penguins has been the capital of Washington’s” nightmare “, in the past two penguins champion, the team were successful people in the capital as a” stepping stone”. However, God is fair, the ups and downs in the penguin team this season, is still wandering in the wild card playoffs. It was in sharp contrast to second in the metropolitan area of the Washington capital. In the past period of time, and “Austria bye” repeatedly staged a hat trick, Crosby fell into a time scoring drought “. They say that opportunities for those who are prepared, do not know after Christmas, wish in the new year Aoweiqijin and his people in the capital will not?!

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